We produce many kinds of heat pumps

Geyser heat pump for cheap Hot Water with advanced function 3.5KW-5KW-8KW
Geyser heat pump for cheap Hot Water 3.5KW-5KW-8KW with other advanced function Palm Geyser heat pump is ideal system to utilize existing geyser with much cheaper cost saving and more safety. It is easy installation as DIY items. Just remove your electric heat […]
DC inverter split Trinity heat pump to replace boiler-11KW
Working range: -25~43 degree. Minus -25 ºC working heating pump -Palm DC inverter Tritherma split heat pump Best replacement for old gas boiler with Palm split heat pump. Heating + Cooling + Domestic hot water in one solution. Similar function as popular split […]
DC inverter air source Trinity heat pump 6KW-9KW-11KW-15KW-product-180
DC Inverter air source Heat Pump with New design Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions, R410a, 8KW,11KW,15KW With most advance European technology to work well in Minus -25ºC Higer efficiency than normal air source heat pump.   Main Characters: […]
Palm launch DC inverter air source heat pump with new design and functions
Palm launch the new designed DC inverter air source heat pump with reliability to work under very low ambient temp and high efficient. DC Inverter air source Heat Pump with  Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions. With most advance European techn […]