DC inverter vertical fan air to air heat pumps to replace furnace

Solar DC inverter superimposed double source heat pump 11KW
DC inverter multisource Trinity heat pump with solar work station

The products range is of  36kbtu and  48kbtu. One unit can provide heating and cooling for whole family .

The Vertical fan air to air heat pumps are specially designed for North American countries such as USA and Canada families.

With our long experience in heat pump field, we create exellent products with perfect performance, strong capacity.

Our vertical type air  to air heat pumps are the best design with the following characters.

1.High efficiency with R410A refrigerant and optimized design.

2.Intelligent design for easy maintenance of whole unit and replacing filter.

3.Special design for cold winter and strong heating in super low temperature .

4. High air pressure  for most Canada or USA family existing ventilation system.

Us this heat pump to replace your old oil or gas boiler, you can upgrade your heating system to an energy saving system. With our heat pump, it can also make cooling in summer.  Kolant vertical heat pump will bring you always Spring!


Kolant vertical fan air to air heat pump

Kolant vertical fan air to air heat pump

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    Can it be used in Usa?

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