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Palm Dual Source Heat Recovery Heat Pump always operating with highest COP
  With 2 stainless plate heat exchangers insider to combine Air source and Water source Heat, Palm upgrade the technology to dual source heat pump which is always operating with highest COP, challenging EVI and Inverter technology. Thanks to our Epoch-Making n […]
  Thanks to our Epoch-Making new technolgy, our new heat recovery heat pump efficency (COP) is up to 7.0 when central cooling + hot water; COP is up to 5.0 when central heating+hot water. It means 1KW electricity input  equal 7KW output.   Palm Central Heating […]
Heat pump-central air conditioner
Heat pump-central air conditioner, heating cooling heat pump, heating cooling DHW heat pump
Waste water source heat pump with Titanium heat exchanger
Direct access to any industrial waste water, domestic waste water, sea water. Titanium Heat exchanger,special water source heat pump for open loop water, can use for directly access to all kinds of water source even working well with sea water. Extrimely easy […]