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china heat pump | china heat pump, European joint venture manufacturer for high quality heat pumps
European joint venture manufacturer for high quality heat pumps
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Spainish Joint Venture Factory

With Joint effort of  Spainish Engineers and us, many patented technology are used in our heat pumps.

European Style Design

Based on original Spainish design, we are more familiar with the European style with less aftersales problem.

Most Energy Saving

High COP certified by TUV EN14825 testing, we help you to save much more Money.

Buy Best  Heat Pump Here

Using the top brand compressor, heat exchangers and top quality parts, result in best quality heat pumps.

Pamwifiheatpump control1

Palm Wifi Control Inverter Heat Pumps

Palm Wifi Inverter heat pump enable you to know your heat pump at any where of the world.

Advantage of the new function of Palm WIFI control

1.It can help the customers to turn on/off the heat pumps or set different target water temp before he go home. He can check his heat pump working status at any time. He can also check if there is any error.

2.It can help the service person to know the current error code and the whole working parameters and check if the parameters are ok or beyond normal. So he can prepare the tools and any spare parts before he go to customer’s home. This can save great time and trouble for the service.

3.No any limitation, only if you have WIFI at home, then you can check and control your heat pump by your Android mobile phone.

4.More function will be added later,Please contact us for more information if you are interested in distribute our heat pumps.

More Details

Solar and air multisource inverter Heat Pump

No need defrost for long hours at cold winter.

DC inverter Double heat source superimposed to get world best COP, legionella protection function, Auto start 2nd backup heating, Auto weather compensation heating curve. Trinity heat pump with heating,cooling and domestic hot water. With integrated solar work station.  Alternative to use ground water heat source.

Palm DC inverter solar double source heat pump is an heat pump innovation with two layers heating source. It can use solar(or ground water source) together with air source. The two heat source are superimposed to reach 40% ~100% higher efficiency than normal heat pump. It even 40% higher efficient than normal inverter heat pumps.
The COP during standard frequency can reach 6.56 when solar temp is 15 degreeC.

More Details


A++ Class Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps

High COP model has COP higher than 10 at Floor Heating.

EN14825 test certificates issued by Intertek or TUV. All our inverter heat pumps are A++ energy class.
1.Optional for multifunctional of Central Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions.
2.With advance technology to work well in Minus -20ºC
3.much more Higer efficiency than normal air source heat pump.
4.All Palm heat pumps can be connected with solar water heater system, if solar temp is high enough, the heat pump is not ncessary to start to save the most.
5.All parts are top brand, all water access parts are safe, healthy and non-pollution type..

More Details

Split Air Source Heat Pumps for better antifreeze

Antifree Design

1.Only R410a refrigerant and no water system part at the outdoor unit.

2. Special patent outdoor hot pipe design to prevent the ice building during winter.
3. Built in crankcase heater to protect compressor during winter.
4. One water tank with expansion tank and backup electric heaters, other hydraulic components built inside


1. It can provide air heating, air cooling and domestic hot water in one solution, similar function as LG Therma V and Daikin Altherma split heat pump.
2. It can utilize the existing water tank, radiator and other heating system and is idea equipment for home upgrading to energy saving house.
3. Built inside solar connection program enable solar for hot water and air heating together.

Reliable Quality

Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world
Heat exchanger: SU316 stainless plate heat exchanger.
The compressor: Hitachi,Sanyo brand
Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand
Optional water pump: Wilo brand from Germany
Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan
The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products.

Palm Tritherma split heat pump,Similar function as LG Therma V split heat pump and Altherma split heat pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps  

High COP series COP 4.5 at Brine 0 ° , qualified for European government refund.

Any Weather Suitable

Water source heat pumps work only rely on water source temp. It has no capacity loss at even -50C air temp.

As it has no fan inside, it is quite unit and free of neighbour complain.

High COP

High COP series have COP more than 4.5 at brine 0 degrC. Which already get Belgium government refund.

We have alos Inverter Geo-water source heat pump can get much more energy saving than normal water source heat pumps.

Multiple sources and usage

All Palm water source heat pump can be connected with solar heating source to utilize the solar energy the most.

Palm water source heat pump can also be connected with waste water, sea water (with special heat exchanger type).

All Palm water source heat pump can be used for central heating, cooling and Domestic hot water function.

What Our Clients Say


This is the coldest winter for 30 years.  Most places come to lowest -20°C, some place lower to -25°C.   Most heat pumps are frozen and stop working.   The electricity and gas bill increase too high this winter. Very enoucrage is that Palm heat pumps are still working very well and give warm to home.

- One Scandinavian customer

testimonial_quoteIch habe eine 3Aqua-19 installiert. Ich betrachtete es mehr als ein Abenteuer. Schließlich wohne ich in Muldenhammer. Dazu gehört der kälteste bewohnte Ort von Deutschland, Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz. Und die vorhandene Öl-Heizung mit Radiatoren stellte auch keinen Idealzustand dar. Also Test unter Extrembedingungen. Aber mich reizten der Preis und die sehr geringen Installationskosten. Die Inneneinheit enthält neben 2 Wärmetauschern bereits einen Heizungswassertank und einen Brauchwassertank mit Elektroheizstab für Legionellenschaltung. Das Ergebnis war verblüffend. Bis -20°C arbeitete die Wärmepumpe ohne jegliche Unterstützung durch die Heizstäbe. Auch die Warmwasserbereitstellung erfolgt in kürzester Zeit.           Fazit: Alle meine Bedenken lösten sich in Luft auf. Diesen Schritt habe ich nicht bereut..

- Mr. Döhler


Outside air temp is now -13 degrees Celsius. The pump is connected with an old water central heating with radiators. The room size is about 150 m2. Outdoor units defrosting is working properly, from my mind even too often.

I made a little test.
When we have  -24C and I turned the old wood heating system off and started Triaqua.After a while temp had risen 1 degree. So that it really gave warmth. After that I returned to the wood heating, because I think, that it is cheeper in these circumstances.

- Mr. Heikki
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