Kolant Dual source multifunctional heat pump to use solar-ground together with air source-8KW
Solar DC inverter superimposed double source Trinity heat pump with world best COP 6.56

combined heating cooling and hot water heatpump
combined heating cooling and hot water heatpump


1.Central heating cooling and DHW with one AC buffer tank and expansion tank for easy installation.

2. With 2 circulation water pumps inside.  All water pumps will stop to save energy when room temp is reached.   All water pumps can start when room required.

3. Heating Cooling and domestic hot water multifunctional Heat Pump available for 17KW

3. Intelligent automatic operation mode of DHW and room heating for more energy saving during different ambient temp;

4. Intelligent auto defrost, antifreeze protection for low ambient temp operation to minus -15degree.

5. Real weekly timer-Different setting for every dayof the week to fit your life habit the most and save energy. Imaging you will enjoy your weekend in tourism with your sweet family, then the heat pump doesn’t need to start at weekend.  Weekly timer won’t loss memory after electricity cut off.

6.All error code can be checked through controller display which enable you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Technical data

Model No At air temp/outlet water temp AHP-17D-410S
Heating Capcity/Input Power (KW/KW) At A20ºC/W45ºC 18.5/4.63 4
At A7ºC/W45ºC 15.1/4.5 3.36
*At  A7ºC/W35ºC 16.95/3.96 4.28
At  A2ºC/W35ºC 14.79/4.0 3.7
Cooling Capcity/Input Power (KW/KW) At  A35ºC/W18ºC 17.8/4.8
Power Supply 230V or 380V/50HZ
available model for 60hz
Working Range ºC -15 ~ 43
Max Output water temp ºC 60
Mini water flow
(Heating and cooling)
M3/h >=3
Water connection joint mm DN25
Packing size mm 530*1280*1430
Unit size mm 462*1190*1272
Protection class IPx4
Anti Shock class Class 1
Refrigerant R410a
Noise dB 45
Regulation component Emersion Expansion valve
Compressor type Scroll
Heating Cooling heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger
Loading quantity for 20’/40′ pcs 21/42
Gross Weight kg 185
1.  The above list all the data during different condition.  For example: AT A7ºC/W35ºC , means the test condition is air temp is 7 ºC, The Outlet water temp is 35ºC according to EN14511 standard.
2.2 circulation water pumps with 1 buffer tank inside. The 2 water pumps will be stopped when room temp reach target temp.


TEST UNDER European heat pump standard EN14511 STANDARD CONDITION

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