Swimming Pool Heat Pump 6.5KW-8.5KW
Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump-Water to Water Heat Pump 8-18KW

luxury fashion style water source heat pump,ground source heat pump

luxury fashion style water source heat pump,ground source heat pump

Heating Cooling Ground source/ Water source HeatPump  single unit with slim size (7-60KW)

Water source heat pump Heat recovery is optional.

5 Times Energy Saving as Normal Gas or Petrol Heater.

Suitable for Frigid zone area.  No capacity loss in even -30C air temp.

Quite unit, free of neighbour complain.

Main Characters:

5.   Extrimly energy saving, super cost saving with R410a gas inside.

6.   Installation is easy and flexible.

8.   Can be connected with solar water heater system.

9.   All water access parts are stainless steel and copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution


Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost:

Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world

Heat exchanger: Stainless steel SU316 plate heat exchanger.

The compressor: Daikin brand Scroll type

Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand

Water pump: Wilo brand from Germany (optional parts)

Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan

The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products.

Warer source heat pump (ground source heat pump) working theory diagram.

Geothermal Heatpumps diagram


Flexible installation of typical water source heat pump application:

For Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump, please check our special open loop water source heat pump models at /open-loop-water-source-heat-pump-water-to-water-heat-pump-7-60kw.html

water source ground source heat pump lake,pond and river application

Geothermal Heat Pump for Lake, Pond and River

water source ground source heat pump horizontal connection

Geothermal Heat Pump Horizontal Ground loop

water source ground source heat pump vertical connection

Geothermal heat pump vertical ground loop

Water source heat pump parameter

Model No GH-2 GH-5 GH-8 GH-11 GH-15 GH-19 GH-25 GH-30
Heating Nomical Capacity
KW 2 4.5 8.17 10.95 14.55 18.81 25.55 30
Power Input
KW 0.44 0.92 1.83 2.2 3.36 3.75 5.2 6.1
COP(W10ºC/W35ºC) KW/KW 4.55 4.89 4.46 4.98 4.33 5.02 4.91 4.92
Nomical Capacity
KW 1.7 3.2 7.2 9.1 12.2 15.1 21.00 25.4
Power Input
KW 0.42 0.8 1.8 2.25 3.12 3.5 4.80 5.8
COP(B0ºC/W35ºC) KW/KW 4.05 4 4 4.04 3.91 4.31 4.38 4.38
Cooling Nomical Capacity KW 2.1 4.1 9.64 12.35 15.09 18.88 25.3 30.5
Power Input KW 0.46 0.91 1.81 2.29 3.67 4.32 5.20 6.2
EER KW/KW 4.57 4.51 5.33 5.39 4.11 4.37 4.87 4.92
COP for heat recovery model KW/KW 7.3 7.52 7.83 8.3 6.75 7.51 7.82 7.87
Power Supply 220-230V/50HZ 380-415V/50hz
Max Output water temp ºC 60
Mini water flow
(Water Source side)
Litre/Hour 340 680 1000 1750 2400 3000 4300 5200
Mini water flow
(Heatpump side)
Litre/Hour 340 680 1000 1750 2400 3000 4300 5200
Water source side Diameter mm DN25 DN20 DN25 DN32
Heatpump side diameter mm DN25 DN20 DN25 DN32
Packing size(mm) L*H*W mm 600x880x410 700×1080*460
Unit size(mm) L*H*W mm 550x760x350 650x960x400
Protection class IPx4
Anti Shock class Class 1
Refrigerant R410a
Noise Level dB 22 23 29 30 31 34 36
Regulation component Emersion expansion valve
Condenser HX Plate heat exchanger
Evaporator  HX Plate heat exchanger
Net weight kg 28 35 73 108 115 125 192 215
Gross weight kg 33 39 78 113 120 130 197 220

Two Years Warranty !

We provide 1% free spareparts with containered order and 2 year warranty of main parts for factory fault since shipment arrival.

We will send the spare parts by courrier method after confirm it is due to factory fault.

We don’t cover the cost for failure from shipment, wrong installation and incorrect usage. Of course we can provide parts by customer’s cost after warranty period.

Customer Service

We can provide free heat pump installation consultation.

We can provide after sales service, technical assistant.

We can help to purchase other parts related to heat pumps or recommand reliable suppliers directly.


For heat pump samples delivery, after packing with export class thick 5 layers paper box, we will pack heat pumps with poly wood case to avoid any damage as shown attached.

There are two ways to delivery the samples.

For sea freight, we will keep the refrigerant inside of the heat pump.

For air freight cargo, due to the air line regulation, we need to drain out the refrigerant. So you need to charge the refrigerant if you find the heat pump cannot start.

For all products above 50kg, we will fix it on a good structured wood or polywood pallet as shown below.

We use good heat pump packing and are careful with every details. 

Polywood case packing and Pallet support for safety and no pollution.

For Container delivery, we use only export thick 5 layer paper box. After carefully loading, we will take pictures before close the container door to assure everything is ok.

If by sea, normally we export at EXW, FOB or CFR terms, we only delivery goods to the destination sea port. The customers need to cover cost for their import duty and cost. Of course the customers can use our forwarder agent to help you to clear the customs.

We can provide all necessary document such as Form A, certificate of origin, Bill of lading, Invoice and packing list.

Normally it will take about 30 days by sea and one week by air.

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