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Kolant Split Sanitary Hot Water Heat pump 3.5KW-5KW-8KW

Kolant Split Sanitary Hot Water Heat pump 2KW-3.5KW-4.5KW-7KW

Kolant heat pump Split Sanitary Hot Water Heat pump is ideal system to utilize existing water tank of

boiler or electric heater with much more cost saving and more safety.

Striking characters:
1. Only water pipes connection needed.  Super easy installation. Complete DIY system.
2.No fuel tubes and storage, no potential danger from oil leakage, fire, explosion,etc.
3.Max. outlet waterTemperature: 60 °C.
4. Automatic star-up and shut down, automatic defrosting. Can be controlled by timer setting.
5. High Efficiency and energy saving with R410a, 1/4 operation cost of electric heater.
6. Multifunctional applications according to customer requirement.  Buy from Kolant, you can also use it for room heating and cooling with just a few parameter change.  It can save a water heater or room air conditioners for you.

Technical Data updated in May , 2012

Model No Test Condition
Air temp/Oulet water temp
AH-3.5AC-410H AH-5AC-410H AH-8AC-410H
Heating Capcity/Input Power (KW/KW) At A20/55ºC 3.5/0.73 5.4/1.15 8.05/1.75
At  A7/35ºC 2.6/0.61 4.33/1.15 6.6/1.81
At  A2/35ºC 1.8/0.58 3.5/0.95 4.89/1.45
Cooling Capcity(KW) At  A35/18ºC 2/0.67 4.1/1.15 6.1/1.76
Power Supply


Working Range ºC

-15 ~ 43

Max Output water temp ºC


Mini water flow(L/H)
(Heating and cooling)
M3/hour >=0.35 >=0.6 >=0.8
Water connection joint mm DN20(3/4”)
Packing size mm 360*650*790 430*695*1010 430*695*1010
Unit size mm 254*540*772 290*605*850 290*605*850
Protection class


Anti Shock class

Class 1



Noise dB 40 42 45
Regulation component

Emersion Expansion valve

Compressor type


Heating Cooling heat exchanger

Stainless Steel Plate Heat exchanger

Loading quantity for 20’/40′ pcs 138/276 90/180 90/180

Panasonic, Mitsubishi compressor.
SU316 stainless plate heat exchanger, much more clean and safe than normal heat exchanger.
Joint venture Japanese brand 4 way valve best quality to insure the defrost.

Kolant heat pump parts

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