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The heat pump changes in temperature installment by the environmental protection, the energy conservation huge superiority, is becoming in the green construction heating refrigeration system reduces the energy consumption and the pollution important force, is one which of energy conservation technologies at the same time the society and the economic efficiency concurrently results.
Heat pump technology present in developed country rapidly expand, its application already tends the industrial production. And, the water source heat pump develops quickly in France and the US, the market total amount yearly rate reaches above 45%, US’s heat pump system has amounted to 400,000 sets; The Norwegian Government adopts to the heat pump system’s subsidy measure, at present the heat pump system amounts to 20,000 sets; Japan also gives the equipment investment subsidy to the heat pump regeneration air-conditioning system, had 21,000 building use heat pump to April.
At present, our country heat pump system’s research and the development are at the start stage, the nation only have several hundred set of heat pump units in the revolution. The related geological expert believed that Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui and so on are the heat pump system are suitable the zone, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen as well as some big or media-sized cities already had the project example. In addition, our country construction market is huge, estimated that our country the newly built residential building area will amount to 340,000,000 square meters every year to 2010, Shanghai, Beijing increase the area every year about 15,000,000 square meters, the heat pump market has the very broad prospect. For example, Beijing take 2008 Olympic Games as a turning point, displays the geothermy hot spring fully the clean energy superiority, has conducted some vanguard technology research one after another, like the geothermy tailwater recharge, the water source heat pump and so on applies on the geothermy heating system, had already obtained the good results. And Beijing Cities and areas Prospecting bureau opened the exhibition use shallow layer ground temperature from 1999 to be able for the building heating research and the experiment, at present the heat pump heating project area has amounted to more than 500 ten thousand square meters.
Project basic data and so on locus’s geology, hydrology, construction measure are decided that the heat pump system applies the key which whether to succeed. If the earlier period carries on prospects on the spot, drills controls the inspection shaft and the test shaft, to local parameters and so on ground water’s water temperature, water-bearing stratum distribution conducts the experimental study and gives the hydrology geologic report, as well as involves the surface subsidence and so on, these question’s solution, non-compares the unit not is. Recently completed “Wuhan To promote Application Source Heat pump Technical feasibility Report”, is the Hubei Province geological environment main terminal participation submission.
Our country “Saves Energy Law” has included the heat pump technology the general technology which the country encourages to develop; This year not only implements “Renewable energy source Law” the advocate use clean high quality energy, but also to will use the new technology development to use the new energy to give the special fund support; Our country’s must have energy supply plan to 2010 1/10 comes from the new energy, this will promote our country heat pump technology rapid development.

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