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Horizontal collector application for a heat recovery heat pumpThe contract for this new build domestic property was to design and install a complete underfloor heating system, install only heat recovery heat pump system, install domestic hot and cold water system with radiators to the first floor, to supply and install a heat pump with horizontal ground loop system (excavation and backfill carried out by clients). The house was a SIPS panel house making it very well insulated, the heat recovery system eliminating the use of extractor fans. The underfloor heating was installed with full time and temperature controls and the radiators to the first floor all had thermostatic radiator valves. The 11 kw heat pump was installed in the garage and next to that a buffer tank to allow the client full zone control, and located in the airing cupboard was a double mantel mains unvented hot water cylinder with a capacity of 280 litres. A contractor was appointed to trench for the ground loops, we placed the pipe in the trench and connected all pipework to the manifold. We then carried out a pressure and flow test ensuring all the systems were working in conjunction with each other.

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