Correct way to install heat pump circulation water pump(with photo)
70 degree High temperature ground source Trinity Heat pump

There are many reasons to choose Kolant heat pump for your comfortable home. Here is just some most striking reasons

1. Original European design to upgrade your home image.

2. 2 years warranty to prevent you from any problem.

3. Kolant production facility is certified by TUV field inspection, which is much more trustable than any other inspection.

4. All Kolant heat pump has fuzzy logic solar combination function to save cost the most.

5. All Kolant heat pump can be upgraded later to heating,cooling and domestic hot water multifunction by jumper setting.

6. With most advanced defrost and antifreeze technology, Kolant heat pump won’t be frozen during even -20c,which is happen to most of our competitors.

7. With advance auto switching heating system function, Kolant heat pump can be add-in units to all existing home heating system (Don’t need to remove old system to save cost)

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