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Palm Dual source multifunctional heat pump to use solar-ground together with air source-23KW
Full heat recovery system to utilize solar hot water, or ground water source for room heating and domestic hot water. Cool solar panel for higher efficency and use its heat for room in the same time. One side cooling or heating is free cost.  Water source is priority to save energy, lower noise. Thanks to our Epoch-Making new technolgy, our new heat recovery heat pump efficency (COP) is up to 7.0 when central cooling + hot water; COP is up to 5.0 when central heating+hot water. It means 1KW electricity input equal 7KW output.     Palm Central Heating+Central Cooling+Domestic hot water with heat recovery Heat Pump available for 7KW,10KW,14KW,17KW,20KW,25KW,30KW,40KW,50KW,60KW Product Function: Central Heating, central cooling and domestic hot water function in one solution. Provide free hot water when cooling Provide efficient hot water when heating. Product Characters: 1. Energy-saving 50-60% compared with traditional air-conditioner; 2. In summer produce free hot water when cooling; In winter hot water and central heating are synchronously produced with high efficency upto 5.0 ; 3. Suitable for -15c~+45 C ambient temperature; 4. Environment friendly: R410a refrigerant, no pollution, no waste discharge; 5. Economic: The running cost of palm heat pump can be 85% less than that of a traditional gas boiler heating system; 6.Advanced timer setting function for heat pump : Single day timer and Weekly timer are both available.Can be different setting for every day of the whole week. Heat recovery heat pump technical data: Model AH-7R-410 AH-9R-410 AH-15R-410 AH-17R-410 AH-20R 25K 30K 40K 50K 60K Cooling Capcity(KW) 7.8 9.5 14.5 17.5 21 26 […]