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Energy Cost Calculator for Heat Pumps(5.4-20ton)-news-84
Vary equipment size, energy cost, hours of operation, and /or efficiency level. INPUT SECTION Input the following data (if any parameter is missing, calculator will set to default value). Defaults Project Type New InstallationReplacement New Installation   Condenser Type Air SourceWater Source Air Source Existing Capacity * ton   Existing Cooling Efficiency * EER   Existing Heating Efficiency * COP   Existing IPLV Efficiency * IPLV   New Capacity ton 10 tons New Cooling Efficiency EER 10.1 EER New Heating Efficiency COP 3.2 COP New IPLV Efficiency IPLV 10.4 IPLV Energy Cost $ per kWh $0.06 per kWh Annual Hours of Operation for Cooling hours 1500 hours Annual Hours of Operation for Heating hours 1500 hours Quantity of Heat Pumps to be Purchased unit(s) 1 unit * Existing values should only be entered when Project Type is a replacement. OUTPUT SECTION Performance per Heat Pump Your Choice Existing Heat Pump Base Model FEMP Recommended Level Best Available Cooling Efficiency EER Heating Efficiency COP IPLV Efficiency IPLV Annual Energy Use kWh Annual Energy Costs $ $ $ $ $ Lifetime Energy Costs $ $ $ $ $ Lifetime Energy Cost Savings $ $ $ $ $ Lifetime Energy Cost Savings for Heat Pump(s) $ $ $ $ $ Your selection of a ton heat pump will have a $ energy cost savings per heat pump over an estimated 15 year life expectancy compared to the base model. If you feel the above is not suitable for you. You can download Building Life-Cycle Cost (BLCC) software heat pump cost counting tool from […]