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Vary equipment size, energy cost, hours of operation, and /or efficiency level.
Input the following data (if any parameter is missing, calculator will set to default value). Defaults
Project Type New Installation  
Condenser Type Air Source
Existing Capacity * ton  
Existing Cooling Efficiency * EER  
Existing Heating Efficiency * COP  
Existing IPLV Efficiency * IPLV  
New Capacity ton 10 tons
New Cooling Efficiency EER 10.1 EER
New Heating Efficiency COP 3.2 COP
New IPLV Efficiency IPLV 10.4 IPLV
Energy Cost $
per kWh
$0.06 per kWh
Annual Hours of Operation for Cooling hours 1500 hours
Annual Hours of Operation for Heating hours 1500 hours
Quantity of Heat Pumps to be Purchased unit(s) 1 unit
* Existing values should only be entered when Project Type is a replacement.

Performance per Heat Pump Your Choice Existing Heat Pump Base Model FEMP Recommended Level Best Available
Cooling Efficiency EER
Heating Efficiency COP
IPLV Efficiency IPLV
Annual Energy Use kWh
Annual Energy Costs $
Lifetime Energy Costs $
Lifetime Energy Cost Savings $
Lifetime Energy Cost Savings for
Heat Pump(s)

Your selection of a
heat pump will have a $
energy cost savings per heat pump over an estimated 15 year life expectancy compared to the base model.

If you feel the above is not suitable for you. You can download Building Life-Cycle Cost (BLCC) software heat pump cost counting tool from our website. Assumptions

  • “Base model” has an efficiency that just meets the national minimum standard for that capacity.
  • Lifetime energy cost is the sum of the discounted value of the annual energy costs based on assumed commercial heat pump life of 15 years.
  • Future electricity price trends and a discount rate of 3.2% are based on Federal guidelines.
  • $0.06 for electricity is the Federal average price in the U.S.
Disclaimer This cost calculator is a screening tool that estimates a product’s lifetime energy cost savings at various efficiency levels. Maintenance and installation costs do not vary significantly among the same product having different efficiencies; so, these costs are not included in this calculator tool. For a detailed life-cycle cost analysis, FEMP has developed a tool called Building Life-Cycle Cost (BLCC). This downloadable tool allows the user to vary interest rates, installation costs, maintenance costs, salvage values, and life expectancy for a product or an entire energy project.

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