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Drills alone as domestic first under the building the embedment soil heat interchanger’s project, during the Beijing international city source heat pump air-conditioning system project methodical construction. This project was attracting more and more international vision the gazes, the first international source heat pump association installs the teacher to train also therefore chooses this project to take the training case. Not only that international source heat pump association China District committee President believed that the international city project has the milestone significance in the place source heat pump’s development and the application.

One of ten big construction miracles

the international city project already “Business journal” evaluates by US for Chinese one of ten big new construction miracles.holds the post this project manager Beijing China clear geothermy development Limited liability company deputy general manager Liu Wei accepts newspaper reporter when the interview indicated that during the international city project methodical construction, will be realizing the heating this winter. We overcame the numerous technologies in the implementation process to be difficult, this project was not only domestic the first embedment soil traded hotly under the building the project, internationally the large-scale application was also the first case.

On September 28, reporter when the international city project job location interviews meets the first international source heat pump association to install the teacher training class students by chance at this visit. It is reported that this first international source heat pump association installed teacher training is precisely chooses the international city project to take training the case.

this drill hole way looks like is very simple, is actually class’s public figures indicated to reporter, before thought that the drill hole wants that kind of large-scale specialized drill press, but they have used a point small skill, the simple 2-3 supports might implement the such complex project.this looked that resembles the simple thing is actually the Chinese Clear Geothermy Company undergoes many drill hole experiments from 56 kind of drilling machines to choose suits the local level the drilling machine, at the same time the project peak more than 40 drilling machine constructions, has guaranteed the progress of works.

It is reported that in the entire project, air-conditioning system vertical pipe installation’s soil heat interchanger quantity is 655, the depth of hole 100 meters, the soil heat interchanger arranges completely in building underground two garage under. Liu Wei told the reporters, some source heat pump project before this is generally the high density polyethylene tube embedment in the garden and so on spacious area, the above load-bearing pressure is quite small. Because the international city project needs to lay aside the high density polyethylene in the downstairs, the technical difficulty increases suddenly.

but, we already overcame difficulties, very good solution this difficult problem. the overall system in designs and in the construction, unprecedentedly solved the soil heat interchanger to put on ledger wall’s waterproofing as well as the construction the soil heat interchanger’s heat transfer hole to the basis perturbation and so on many difficult problems, not only founded the beginning for the domestic soil heat interchanger embedment in the building following place source heat pump system’s design and the construction, moreover internationally also had the lead.

1 electric quantity gains 5 energies

in fact, overseas also has the similar place source heat pump project, but international city such large-scale implementation did not have likely.If the international city project succeeds finally, this has the milestone significance obviously, can bring the huge influence to this profession. Because the geothermy application scope will develop greatly, the land resource intense, the enough location embedment soil heat interchanger’s urban district project has not been possible to use the source heat pump technology, to the implementation and the promoted environmental protection conserves energy the promoter action in the land resource tense town center construction.

Typical Installation for ground source heat pump:
Horizontal Ground loop
Lake,pond,river side loop
vertical ground loop
under ground water (open loop)

It is reported that the source heat pump’s most basic principle will be the underground quantity of heat will take using the heat pump for building heating. In brief, place of the source heat pump biggest energy conservation is, heats in the winter under the condition, inputs 1 electric quantity to be possible to obtain 4 above quantity of heats; Summer inputs 1 electric quantity to be possible to obtain 5.5 above Leng Liang.

the source heat pump‘s cost investment must be higher than several dozens Yuan compared to ordinary investment each square meter, therefore the developer earlier period investment is relatively big.after the developer did not need to invest how many funds again, its operation cost ordinary passed the air conditioning to be much lower than warmly.

In fact, takes one of clean energies, the source heat pump has also received national the policy support. Beijing’s policy stipulated that in Beijing municipal district constructs each kind of project, the heating refrigeration system selects the heat pump system, checks the floor space according to the city plan committee to arrange the disposable subsidy from Beijing investment in the fixed assets, subsidizes the standard is, the source heat pump is 50 Yuan/square meters.

the national subsidy, the developer selected the source heat pump’s investment and the ordinary heating refrigeration system investment in addition cannot differ are too many.We believed that after the project constructs, the operation cost is low. Compares with the coal-fired boiler project, this kind of project’s energy conservation will achieve 30%.

the US also has the policy support on the place source heat pump, but does not have the domestic support dynamics to be big. preferential policy is in reduces in the related tax revenue, domestic gives the fund directly the subsidy. But after and so on domestic geothermy development mature, the related subsidy also slowly will possibly reduce.

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