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Hotel do not install French doors, the energy saving effect greatly strengthened; The school bathroom, and put on IC smart taps, according to water billing, saving water over one / 3; Lower tariffs middle of the night when commercial building air conditioning quietly opened the "storage" dawn air-conditioning stopped and energy-saving technology, business Floor maintain low temperature, can be maintained for at least a few hours …

Recently, a spectacular building energy efficiency forum held in the city. Many of the participating experts agreed that Shanghai’s building energy efficiency, use of advanced energy-saving technologies. But more important is to let "Building Energy Efficiency" concept won on the "energy-saving management."

67 cost recovery

"Pudong unwise Valley" Building a business park, the construction of the use of the 10 energy-saving technologies, the costs higher than 20-25%. But this year, January to July, energy-saving technology as a building of 430,000 yuan save electricity, it took other cost savings expected in 67, will be able to recover the cost.

Lower electricity at night when the air conditioning "storage", and during the day the use of energy-saving technologies to keep cool. This is only the "Pudong-valley," an energy-saving technologies. In addition, commercial buildings also use "ground-source heat pump system" energy saving. Summer groundwater colder, can be used to collect water cooling; Groundwater heat over the winter, can be used to collect after heating. The entire system recycling and energy-saving effect is very satisfactory.

But experts said that even if this is an "energy saving fortress", to be truly energy-efficient, we must also strengthen management. "Pudong-Valley", including the use of solar energy, external shading systems, which have a set of "rules apply." "One simple example is that if someone drove windows open air conditioners, more then 10 energy-saving technology, but also the province over costs."

Bathrooms fitted with the leading energy saving

Building energy efficiency depends on the management, Tongji University campus bathrooms example, it is even more typical.

Originally, Tongji University campus bathroom every day I can only accept 1,700 people, with an average of two yuan bath money. But during Energy Saving transformation, the IC design of a bathroom faucet smart by water billing. Students bathe speed and waste of water in sharp decline. Today, the daily campus bathrooms will accept 4,000 average, each person only needs a bath 1.35 yuan, energy saving effect of greatly enhanced.

Hotel bed not shop floor

Shanghai hotels is very large, in these public buildings, but also the "energy saving standards." But some hotels to implement, simply for a number of energy-saving lights, no effective management, energy saving effect is very inconspicuous.

"In comparison, some hotels have done a good job on." Experts say that "some of Hotels, the first measures to ensure energy respectively, a floor installed a meter and figuring out the energy consumption. Later, the guests for analysis, the number of resident guests, try not to provide one-time items . most importantly, the staff proposed a package of energy-saving assessment standards and energy-saving assessment as a reward paid in the world. "

In Shanghai, some of the economic-type hotel, "do not install French doors," has become the consensus of energy saving. In addition, some economic hotel management, shop floor under the bed is not to achieve wood purpose.

Actual work is still confused

The Building Energy Efficiency Forum, a number of experts say that if the establishment of special funds to building energy conservation, improve the incentive and restrictive policies, accelerate the building energy conservation legislation, the city’s energy-saving construction work would be given greater impetus.

However, in practical work, there are still some confusion. Some experts, for example, a state-owned enterprise of the central air-conditioning have spent 10 years, "Energy can be transformed into cold," the proportion of low energy seriously. However, the replacement of central air conditioning, the responsible persons also worried that the "loss of state assets", hesitates to do so.

Experts say, "Building Energy Efficiency" concept, if not drive, so similar confusion will arise.

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