30~40KW side blowing air to water heat pump-high COP-Snow proof
Air to water heat pump combine heating cooling and hot water 2kw-30kw

Heat pump
Heat pump is a newly popular andrealistic device to replace existing boiler or electric heater.

Heat pump is including  air source heat pumps , ground source heat pumps.

air source heat pumps absorb energy from the air outside and use it to heat a home and its hot water supply, replacing the need for a boiler.

 Our air source heat pumps come in two options: air to water heat pumps which heat a building through radiators or under-floor heating and air to air systems which produce warm room air.. They work very effectively even when the temperature outside is as low as -20°C.

Ground source heat pumps ideal if you’re building or renovating your own home, our ground source heat pumps take energy stored in the ground and use it to meet the heating and hot water needs of an entire household. This technology also replaces the need for a boiler and is a perfect partner for under-floor heating and radiators.

Ground source heat pumps are run by electricity but users can reduce this cost by subscribing to a green tariff scheme which offers discounts on electricity used to promote renewables. As energy bills are reduced,  ground source heat pumps offer a payback which significantly betters those of other renewable technologies.

Another innovation is our heat recovery heat pump. With 1kw electric consumption, it can create 3kw cooling and 4kw heating.

How this miracle works?  The basic explain is easy.  Our heat recovery heat pump transfer the room heat to the water.  The electric only works for moving the heat from one place to another place. 

heat recovery heat pump is extrimely excellent in area requiring summer cooling and hot water together.  Such as Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Greece,Algeria.
heat pumpheat pump

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