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6 years ago,I first time contacted the heat pump in here, because has the refrigeration aspect knowledge to be used as the basis, also has the little understanding in the school, I am very quick to our company product’s understanding speed, my real feeling is a good profession, although entered this profession not to calculate at that time late, but I regretted that contact is too late. Already had the colleague to make the very good result.
Just started to take up the telephone when on-line to look the company which telephones to oneself, psychology good anxious, did not know that what manner others will hold to this product, could look like me before made the monitoring to be the same, many people were not interested? After several day-long telephone practice, discovered that many people are interested very much to our telephone, is very warm, this lets me have the confidence to this work, moreover more than month of time, I have signed hundreds of thousands lists, psychological that US. What was really looks to the profession, thanked the friend of mine to be able very much to introduce me this company. In the later day, their achievement do also very calculates well. Therefore I frequently gave other friends saying that looked for the work to look to the direction, like this could achieve the result.
Inside the profession, the company did the air source heat pump, the water source heat pump, the swimming pool heat pump, obtained user community’s high praise. The company take specialized, professional, wholly-absorbed, sincere as a slogan, makes own product steadfastly, serves for the user. Saves the energy for everybody, meets Earth to reduce the pollution, responded the national advocate energy conservation environmental protection slogan truly.

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