Energy-Saving-System: Certified heat pump installer – awarded with the Energy Globe Austria-news-113

Official launch of the klima:aktiv programme "wärmepumpe" at Energiesparemesse – Wels-news-108
2007 Solar Decathlon winner awarded-news-125

Nov. 30, 2006 – Moreover 1.400 participants attended the show for the Austrian Energy Globe at the 24th of November. The Energy Globe is awarded to projects from all over the world which make careful and economical use of resources and employ alternative energy sources.

The winning projects are presented in the categories earth, fire, water, air and youth at a tv gala, which is broadcast by international TV stations reaching 2.5 billion households. Every year, about 700 projects from all over the world are submitted in the Energy Globe Award competition. Submitted projects are presented in the Energy Globe data base which is accessible in the near future for interested persons.

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