Newest DC inverter technology heat pumps with high COP

Palm DC Inverter air to water heat pump Pro Series
Palm entered European market from 2006, and launched inverter heat pump from 2010. Up to now, the DC inverter heat pump product range has covered from 6kw, 9kw, 12kw, 14kw, 16kw, 17kw, 25kw up to 30kw . Our products have been in the government approved list in many European countries. German, Denmark, Holland, Greece… In German, our customer has got BAFA for Palm products. In UK our customer has got many national awards In the decade , Palm has got plenty Certs and reports related with QC, safety, capacity, efficiency, and noise level… Europe started new Erp standard for SCOP from 2016, Palm got the A++ Certs from 2014, which was the highest level by the time being. And 2019, Palm has got the A+++ Certs by TUV Rheinland . Main Product ranges * Air source heat pump * water source heat pump * heat recovery heat pump * Solar dual source heat pump  room heating + room cooling room heating + hot water room cooling/ heating + hot water DC inverter air source heat pump * Weather compensation, can program the water temp automatically, and keep the stable water temp, more energy saving • May adapt to solar panel. Passive heating with sunny day. Utilize the solar hot water, the balance heated by compressor . * weekly tiemer, auto strilization… very functional. * Fuzzy logic defrost program , protections …enable a wide working range. DC Inverter air source heat pump Palm heat pumps WIFI Mobil controll is available as optional • Download Palm APP program through the cloud serve. consumer […]
Palm DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps-R32 GAS
What is Palm AEO Mono Air Source Heat Pump? 1. Palm AEO Mono air source heat pump is new generation heat pump with  COP above 4 and utilize the energy from surrounding air and move it to hot  water for house air conditioning heating-cooling and domestic water  heating. 2. It works to move heat from air to water, so it is much more energy saving than traditional boiler and furnace. 3. HC series AEO heat pump can satisfy Central Heating, cooling and domestic water heating of a whole family demand. Unique features of AEO Monobloc Heat Pump 1. World advanced auto defrost technology to ensure well working in cold  weather with operation range from -25ºC to 43ºC for heating. 2. Best well-known components such as Daikin, Hitachi, Wilo. Parts ensure reliablity. 3. Environmental refrigerant R32 and well calibrated system to ensure best performance during cold weather. 4. More safe ,advanced and 4 times energy saving than traditional boiler. Most Advanced European Technology Additional 2nd main Switch function interface enable to control the heat pump through any other thermostat or switch for convenient control. Real Weekly on/off timers (different for each day) help to choose the lowest electricity price working time to save money. Routine Legionella function (Killing bacteria) to rise the DHW to 70ºC. Jumpers on control board for flexible function setting  according to different requirement. Weather compensation function- Auto target water temp curve according to different  ambient  temp. Unique Advanced DC Inverter Technology -only for inverter HP Soft start with only 2 amp start current. Most comfortable due to stable room temp. Always […]
High COP inverter heat pump chiller with AHRI certificate
Palm launched high COP DC inverter heat pump chiller with AHRI certificate. Palm passed AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) capacity table testing which is consist about 70 conditions for different air temp and different outlet water temp.  It is a performance map and curve which is considered as the most difficulty for heat pump chiller. Same as other DC Inverter air source Heat Pump, this model has also  Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions. With most advance European technology to work well in Minus – 25ºC It has higer efficiency than normal air source heat pump as it has below innovation. With 3 layers evaporators to get most from air. Use plate heat exchanger with heat distributors inside to get highest efficiency. Use Panasonic EC inverter fan motor to get higher efficiency than normal fan motor. Weather Compensation Auto Heating Curve function to save the cost mostly. 5. Mitsubishi Dual inverter compressorhigh technology with high efficiency. Use Danfos EEV(electronic expansion valve) to get 20% higher than normal expansion valve at any air temp condition. Main Characters: Undergoing long time extreme condition testing  to get the most reliable quality.  Can work in very low ambient temp to ensure your warm home with our heat pump. Can be connected with solar water heater system, when solar temp is high enough, the heat pump will stop to save the most. With Luxury Touch Screen Controller to show all parts working status with Advanced Tech. Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost: Our parts are always choosen with the top brand in the world
Full Inverter heat pump with high COP and colorful touch screen
Main characters: 1-Luxury Touch Screen Controller with Advanced Tech. 2-Optional Mobile Wifi Cloud server control on all platform including Android, Iphone, website. 3-Operation under ambient temp from -25°C to 53°C. 4-Low start current of 2A. 5-Weather Compensation Auto Heating Curve function. 6-Mitsubishi Dual inverter compressor high technology. 7- Panasonic inverter EC fan motor to get the best efficiency. 8- High efficient inverter water circulation pump. 9-Built inside water flow meter and switch to read water flow volume directly to ensure best performance. 10-Saginomiya electric expansion vessel to save more energy. 11- Built-inside safety valve. 12-Optional Built in backup EL-Heating Element 3KW. 13-More integrated control parts for easy maintenance and reliability. 14-Water access parts are stainless steel or copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution. Quality for reliability and saving maintenance cost. Top Brand components: SU316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger. Danfoss Electric Expansion Valve for accurate control. Saginomiya Japanese brand four way valve. A class circulation pump. Panasonic high class DC inverter fan motor