DC inverter ground source heat pump with high COP
Kolant bottom hot gas pipe technology to optimize defrost

With R32 refrigerant and most advance European technology to work well in Minus -20ºC~-25ºC, COP 9 at low load test condition for our R32 DC Inverter air source Heat Pump with Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions, 

Much more Higer efficiency than other air source heat pump.


Kolant EN14825 test certificate issued by TUV lab. A+++ energy class inverter air to water heat pump.

Main Features:

1. Heating/Cooling+ DHW function in one solution.

2. Much more higher COP than other DC inverter heat pump
3.  Can be combined with gas boiler, solar heating system and other heating system intelligiently.
4.  All water access parts are stainless steel or copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution

5.Secondary heat source auto switching function enable Kolant heat pump to heat together with the existing or second heating system.  Inner thermostat to Swift automatically between 2 heat sources base on the target outdoor temperature preset by the user. We have special control for the 2nd heat source working together with our heat pumps.

6.Seasonal auto switching function to separate Winter heating  and Summer cooling circulation water for comfortable and more energy saving.


7. Weather Compensation Function, Auto target water temp curve according to different  ambient  temp.

Wide Work Range
Outdoor air temperature range
Cooling Heating Domestic Hot Water


30 46
Minimum 15 -20 -20
Leaving water temperature range
Cooling Heating Domestic Hot Water
Maximum 18 60 60
Minimum 5 30 30
Inner Parts:

Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost:
Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world
Heat exchanger: SU319 food grade material plate heat exchanger.
Electronic expansion valve: Danfoss Electronic Expansion valve with accurate control to get 10% higher than other thermo expansion valve.
Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan
The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products.


Free functions combination: heating, cooling with or without domestic hot water.
Flexiable installation. Compatible with :
Floor heating and cooling.
Fan-coils and low temp radiators.
Solar water heating.


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