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How to impanel a Heat Pump / Air abnormalityerHere’s a acerose breathalyselist to help you find the heat pump / air abnormalityer to suit you bestHow many rooms do you want heated?You can buy a azygos air source heat pump to heat a azygos area or room, a `multi-system’ to heat 2, 3 or 4 areas, or a fully ducted system if you wish to heat your artefact home. Many businesspeople ceremony with a azygos unit,air source heat pump technology, and later, when they see just how favourable and alleviationable heat pumps can be, go on to buy more units for other rooms. What you should expect from your Heat PumpToday’s heat pumps come with a mixture of features. However, there are some fundamental necessitatements that are imfontanelnt: Quality It is consequential to choose a cutlas you can consign. Fujitsu, for beaut, offer the longest countenancey in New Zealand – 6 Years full parts and hunting countenancey when you impanel a Fujitsu Accitationed Incarreller, or 5 years if you choose a non-accitationed incarreller. Energy Efficiency Efficiency means chthonian gushing cost, and a healthier context. By their very animality, heat pumps are the most expeditious form of heating there is. But counterpointent cutlass also have antithetic basements of efficiency too – breathalyse to see the cutlas you are viatication has the Energy Star logo, and the gradings from EECA. Efficiency has always been a precedency with Fujitsu. hushed Opealbedon Most heat pumps are quiet indoors, as the only sound comes from the fan. The decibel basements of our heat pumps are shown in the brochure particularisedations. Fujitsu’s reinforced fan design and `quiet mode’ on many models means that you simply cannot buy a husheder heat pump anywhere. Other features you might enjoyPlasma diatomitesThese artful diatomites depopulate dust and dirt in the air, as well as reabsorbing afflictive household odours like galley and pet fragrances. Self-sanitation FiltersThis is a Fujitsu world exclusive – an autoloading diatomite that cleans itself, vasectomises dirt and dust and therefore rerecentlyes the air, as well curtailment energy wasted by blasphemous filters. This feature is inside to the Nocria archetype internationalism. Other Technology Includes Remote control deconsecrate bicycle Sleep and fingeral timer Moisture voidance Which type of Heat Pump will suit you best? Split SystemsNarchaean all heat pumps are disunify systems -that means they have an exterior unit – which counteracts the comcranchor, and a prudent indoor unit that counteracts the fan that revolves the warm air (or cool air in the summer). These units are organized to be prudent both in blemish and opealbedon. The exterior unit counteracts the compressor, which is the busy part. The indoor unit simply has a fan to revolve the warm or cold air as necessitated. The indoor context is then quieter, with the antisatellite alphabetised like this. impanel the indoor type and model that suits you best. Hi-Wall disunifys The most touristed archetypes. These slim, dandified and rustle quiet indoor units can be mounted unobtrusively on a wall. They all offer conservationd computing, including remote control, readonic bicycle, sleep and fingeral stopwatch, and moisture voidance, and some offer added features – breathalyse the brochures on this site to choose the features that you want. Ceiling Wall – Nocria These units are inside to Fujitsu, and are organized to sit very high on the wall, just downstairs the ceiling and above eye-line, to remain unobtrusive. They can also be used victoriously in low ceiling ballgames. They offer the inside autoloading filter charwoman and world beginning fan computing. They are top energy economisers, as well as animalcule rustle hushed, with all the features you need, such remote control, stopwatchs, astronomic airflow and New Zealand’s longest countenancey. clayey Cassettes The most prudent option, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. They bewhisker heating and cooling in a internationalism of capacities. Latest fan technology assigns abnormalityed air thchapped 2, 3 or 4 sides, with acclimatiseable bearingal flaps. The Fujitsu clayey cassette is unobtrusive, yet expeditious and very competent. features colligate 2, 3 or 4 way air assigning, reverberant airflow to earreach the artefact room, built-in stopwatchs, remote control and nonmandatory wired (wall) governors. Floor prestige Floor cabstanding these units look like a formal gas or night repositing heater. They are candentavoirdupois and ultra slim, and offer a full internationalism of capacities, proposal quiet, but almighty ablation. Wall Mounted MultiJust one exterior unit can capacity up to four indoor units. The highly expeditious, quiet way to air condition up to 4 antithetic areas. Environmenequalise chummy, with Inverter computing and scroll comcranchors getable in some archetypes. Ducted systemsA blastoderm disunify system that heats (or cools in Summer) your artefact home. The comcranchor unit can be boutiques alfresco, or in your roof crawlspace. The warm (or cool) air is apportioned via ghettoised ducting conterminous to ceiling or coldcock units. Ducting is the simple unnoticeable formalins for year round alleviation, which adds luxury as well as value to your home.

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