We produce many kinds of heat pumps

DC inverter split heat pumps to replace gas boiler-8KW,11KW,15KW
Working range: -25~43 degree. Minus -25 ºC working heating pump -Palm DC inverter Tritherma split heat pump Best replacement for old gas boiler with Palm split heat pump. Heating + Cooling + Domestic hot water in one solution. Similar function as popular split […]
DC inverter geothermal heat pump with high COP
DC Inverter geothermal heat pump with high COP. Automatically adjust the output capacity according to heating requirement. Lowest heating power input is 400w/hour.  Always trying to keep the lowest frequency working mode to get the highest COP to save energy t […]
High COP 6 Geothermal Ground source-Water source heat pump
High COP geothermal heat pump with high COP around 5.6~6.  Best energy saving products for your home heating and hot water usage. Apply all newest European government refund standard. With Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function. Geothermal Ground sou […]
Solar DC inverter superimposed double source Trinity heat pump with world best COP 6.56
Striking characters: DC inverter Double heat source superimposed to get world best COP, legionella protection function, Auto start 2nd backup heating, Auto weather compensation heating curve. Trinity heat pump with heating,cooling and domestic hot water. With […]