world best cop heat pump

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Solar DC inverter superimposed double source Trinity heat pump with world best COP 6.56
Striking characters: DC inverter Double heat source superimposed to get world best COP, legionella protection function, Auto start 2nd backup heating, Auto weather compensation heating curve. Trinity heat pump with heating,cooling and domestic hot water. With integrated solar work station.  Alternative to use ground water heat source. Palm DC inverter solar double source heat pump is an heat pump innovation with two layers heating source. It can use solar(or ground water source) together with air source. The two heat source are superimposed to reach 40% ~100% higher efficiency than normal heat pump. It even 40% higher efficient than normal inverter heat pumps. The COP during standard frequency can reach 6.56 when solar temp is 15 degreeC. Heating capacity is available for 8KW,11KW. For maximum utilize the solar  heat, the work station plate heat exchanger is 14kw capacity.   solar work station solar heat pump connection It can save much money for you. It can satisfy all countries refund requirement.  It can make space heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Palm solar double source multifunctional heat pump advantage: 1st advantage: It has 2 copper fin heat exchanger together with 1 plate heat exchanger to generate hot water so It can use solar or ground source water heat together with air source in the same time.  The COP is super imposed and can be  at least 40% higher efficiency even than normal DC inverter heat pump. 2nd advantage: It use DC inverter compressor, it is 20%~30% higher efficient in most operation. 3rd advantage: If solar water temp is high enough in sunny day, […]