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Full Inverter heat pump with high COP and colorful touch screen
Main characters: 1-Luxury Touch Screen Controller with Advanced Tech. 2-Optional Mobile Wifi Cloud server control on all platform including Android, Iphone, website. 3-Operation under ambient temp from -25°C to 53°C. 4-Low start current of 2A. 5-Weather Compensation Auto Heating Curve function. 6-Mitsubishi Dual inverter compressor high technology. 7- Panasonic inverter EC fan motor to get the best efficiency. 8- High efficient inverter water circulation pump. 9-Built inside water flow meter and switch to read water flow volume directly to ensure best performance. 10-Saginomiya electric expansion vessel to save more energy. 11- Built-inside safety valve. 12-Optional Built in backup EL-Heating Element 3KW. 13-More integrated control parts for easy maintenance and reliability. 14-Water access parts are stainless steel or copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution. Quality for reliability and saving maintenance cost. Top Brand components: SU316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger. Danfoss Electric Expansion Valve for accurate control. Saginomiya Japanese brand four way valve. A class circulation pump. Panasonic high class DC inverter fan motor    
EVI & EVI inverter heat pumps to replace boiler
Introduction:   [separator type=’normal’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’25’ down=’5′] Newest EVI compressor technology for super cold area and high outlet water temp. Heating , Cooling and domestic hot water functions, with R410a refrigerant and most advance European technology to work well in Minus -25ºC. Optional inverter EVI compressor is workable even at -30C. Much more Higer efficiency than normal air source heat pump. [separator type=’normal’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’5′ down=’5′] Palm EVI inverter air to water heat pump performance for more than 2 hours with little recession. [separator type=’normal’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’5′ down=’5′] Main Features: 1. EVI compressor special designed to get high outlet water temperature at super low air temp. work stably at -25C ambient temperature with only little capacity recession. 2. Inverter EVI compressor model is available suitable to work at -30C. 3. Using EEV(electronic expansion valve) to achieving accurate, stable and high efficiency throttling. 4. Outdoor Fin-coil heat exchanger is hydrophilic coated, golden fin is optional for more anti-rust for seaside area. 5. Compressor preheated to protect compressor in cold winter. 6. Automatic defrosting function with bottom hot piping tech enable our EVI heat pump to work without capacity concession even not necessary to defrost in long hours as shown performance curve.   7. Weather Compensation Function, Auto target water temp curve according to different  ambient  temp. [separator type=’normal’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’15’ down=’15’] Wide Work Range Outdoor air temperature range Cooling Heating Domestic Hot Water Maximum 52 30 46 Minimum 15 -25 -25 Leaving water temperature range Cooling Heating Domestic Hot Water Maximum 18 […]
DC inverter Solar-air double source Trinity heat pump with COP 6+
Based on our split type inverter solar-air double source Trinity heat pump, we develop this easier installation solar-air double source heat pump. Striking characters: DC inverter Double heat source superimposed to get world best COP 6.56 when solar water temp is 15c, legionella protection function, Auto start 2nd backup heating, Auto weather compensation heating curve. Trinity heat pump with heating,cooling and domestic hot water. Alternative to use ground water heat source. Palm DC inverter solar double source heat pump is an heat pump innovation with two layers heating source. It can use solar(or ground water source) together with air source in the same time. The two heat source are superimposed to reach 40% ~60% higher efficiency than even normal DC inverter heat pump. The COP during standard frequency can reach 6.56 when solar temp is 15 degreeC. Heating capacity is available for 8KW,11KW.  solar heat pump connection diagram It can save much money for you. It can satisfy all countries refund requirement. It can be energy label A+++  class, according to newest EN14825 SCOP standard.  It can make space heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Palm solar-air double source multifunctional heat pump advantage: 1st advantage: It can use solar (or ground source water heat) together with air source in the same time.  The COP is almost doubled high. 2nd: One special solar heat exchanger built inside the heat pump, it can be used for solar over heat protection to make the solar PVT more safe and higher efficiency. 3th advantage: Solar layer evaporator will help to melt the heat pump evaporator frost […]
DC inverter geothermal heat pump with high COP
DC Inverter geothermal heat pump with high COP. Automatically adjust the output capacity according to heating requirement. Lowest heating power input is 400w/hour.  Always trying to keep the lowest frequency working mode to get the highest COP to save energy the most. Many new DC inverter technologies are adopted. Can be work perfectly with solar heating system to get the most saving. Best energy saving products for your home heating and hot water usage. Conform to all newest European government refund standard. Multifunction with Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function. Geothermal Ground source/ Water source heat pump   single unit with slim size (7-60KW) 6 Times Energy Saving as Normal Gas or Petrol Heater. Suitable for Frigid zone area.  No capacity loss in even -30C air temp. Quite unit, free of neighbour complain. Main Characters: 5.   Extrimly energy saving, super cost saving with best COP. 6.   Installation is easy and flexible. 8.   Can be connected with solar water heater system. 9.   All water access parts are stainless steel and copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution   Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost: Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world Heat exchanger: Stainless steel SU316 plate heat exchanger. The compressor: Daikin brand Scroll type Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand Water pump: Wilo brand from Germany (optional parts) Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products. Warer source heat pump (ground source heat pump) working theory diagram.   Flexible installation of typical water source heat pump application: For Open Loop Water Source Heat […]