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Feb. 14, 2007 – Innovative developments for energy saving in the field of refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning, that promise to be successfully marketed, can be proposed for the ASERCOM Award.
The ASERCOM Energy Efficiency Award 2006 was granted for a new control of refrigerant flow.

The 2006 price-winning company is the Swedish Bubble Expansion Valve BXV(R) AB, for an innovative expansion device, effecting a better overall refrigerant heat transfer in the evaporator, and thus better system efficiency.

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  1. Usang says:

    The only way I can think to make an old hand-pump functional again would be to sbremuge the bottom of the pump in a reservoir of water like it would have been originally set up .. and have your outside spigot available to fill that reservoir.Hand pumps work on suction and mechanical advantage (leverage) . if you put pressurized water into hand-pump (like would come from the tap) it is going to make suction difficult and the pump handle itself would be irrelevant. No need (and no ability) to pull the water up from below with the lever . if the water is already under pressure and pushing it’s way toward the path of least resistance.

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