mobile control heat pump

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Palm WIFI control heat pumps through mobile APP
Introduction Palm factory already designed a WIFI module to connect Palm heat pumps directly. Then the customer can control their heat pumps through Palm WIFI APP. Palm WIFI heat pumps are controlled through cloud. So the customer can control the heat pumps at anywhere of the world. This is the first a few heat pumps controlled by WIFI App in China. We are always on the TOP of heat pump manufacturers. The following pictures to show a few pages of the Palm WIFI control app. Features Advantage of the new function of Palm WIFI control 1.It can help the customers to turn on/off the heat pumps or set different target water temp before he go home. He can check his heat pump working status at any time. He can also check if there is any error. 2.It can help the service person to know the current error code and the whole working parameters and check if the parameters are ok or beyond normal. So he can prepare the tools and any spare parts before he go to customer’s home. This can save great time and trouble for the service. 3.No any limitation, only if you have WIFI at home, then you can check and control your heat pump by your mobile phone.(Only Android system mobile phone is available now) 4.More function will be added later, such as complex timer setting, so you can set different working mode and different target temp at different time to save the cost mostly.Please contact us for more information if you are interested in distribute […]