Low temperature heat pump

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Low ambient temp split heat pump-to replace gas boiler-8,11,14,17,20,23KW
Minus -20 ºC working heating-Palm Tritherma split heat pump Best replacement for old gas boiler with Palm split heat pump. Heating + Cooling + Domestic hot water in one solution. Similar function as popular split heat pump. Can be working heating in super cold weather. Products characters 1. It can provide air heating, air cooling and domestic hot water in one solution, similar function as LG Therma V and Daikin Altherma split heat pump. 2. It can utilize the existing water tank, radiator and other heating system and is idea equipment for home upgrading to energy saving house. 3. Built inside solar connection program enable solar for hot water and air heating together. 4. Excellent auto defrost for keeping heating during -20 centigrade. even in electric power off accident, it still can keep no freeze for several days. Special patent outdoor design to prevent the ice building during winter heating. Built in crankcase heater to protect compressor during winter. 5. One water tank with expansion tank and backup electric heaters, other hydraulic components built inside 6. Timers on/off for you to choose the lowest electricity price period for operation to save your bill the most. 7. Parts are always choosen with the top brand in the world to assure quality, reliability and save maintenance cost.   Reliable Quality for saving maintenance cost:   Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world Heat exchanger: SU316 stainless plate heat exchanger. The compressor: Daikin, Hitachi,Toshiba,Sanyo brand Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand Optional water pump: Wilo brand from Germany Four way […]
European Design Heat pump for super cold countries
Working perfect in -20 degree. Optional heaters. Best choice for super cold such as Scandinavian area.
Our low temperature heat pump performance during snowing weather
The following pictures are all photoed by our customers for our heat pump operation with testimonial statement split heat pump combination working well for heating and hot water in snow in Finland -23 centigrade “I use some new radiators together with a few old radiators in my home, I tested the heat pump operation during -23 degree to -25 degree, it really increase the water temp 5 degree in a few minutes and work well, …”   operation well for heating and hot water in UK under -9 centigrade “It does save electricity bills,  and work excellent even in snow weather under minus 9 degree …”