big size side blowing heat pump

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30~40KW side blowing air to water heat pump-high COP-Snow proof
Much more advantage for rain, snow proof. Side blowing model for big capacity air to water heat pump is Much more reliable than upper blowing models. Avoid big problem for snow block the heat pump blowing way. Much better COP than normal upper blowing heat pump. 3 Models are available. AC series: Heating and cooling HC series: Heating cooling and domestic hot water functions in one solution. H series: Hot water only 1. Heat pump with combined Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function in one solution for all family requirement in whole year. 2. Built inside fuzzy logic solar combination operation utilize solar for both room heating and domestic hot water, which enable more energy saving than other heat pump. 3. Intelligent automatic operation mode of DHW and room heating for more energy saving during different ambient temp; 4. Intelligent auto defrost, antifreeze protection for low ambient temp operation to minus -15. 5. Real weekly timer-Different setting for every day of the week to fit your life habit the most and save energy. Imaging you will enjoy your weekend in tourism with your sweet family, then the heat pump doesn’t need to start at weekend. 6. More energy saving and much more comfortable than normal air conditioner; 7.All error code can be checked through controller display which enable you to solve the problem as soon as possible. Two Years Warranty ! We provide 1% free spareparts with containered order and 2 year warranty of main parts for factory fault since shipment arrival. We will send the spare parts by […]