Kolant R32 pool heat pump for comfortable life

Solar PV direct drive Heat Pump

Photovoltaic and network power are connected to heat pump power supply at the same time, and the green power is directly driven. No need inverter or transformer to change solar DC electricity to AC power. So the efficiency will be higher than normal heat pump. The green solar power can be tracked in real time and given priority. When the photovoltaic output is insufficient, the electricity network power can be automatically introduced to ensure the stability of the unit. When there is no solar electricity at all, it can be driven only by grid power, and the system can be intelligently controlled and supervised remotely. In the whole process, no need battery.
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Sunny mode, zero electricity cost for cooling/heating and DHW.
When the weather is sunny, and the photovoltaic system can fully meet all the electricity demand, realizing "zero electricity fee" for cooling/heating. Intelligent compensation system for photovoltaic power generation in power grid

Cloudy mode, intelligent compensation, zero worry.
In rainy weather, when the sunshine is insufficient, the photovoltaic system provides a power grid to supplement photovoltaic power generation and sub-supply, and intelligently compensates the commercial power to ensure the stable operation of the unit.

Night mode, direct power supply from power grid.
During the night, the photovoltaic power generation system does not generate electricity, and the power grid compensates the power grid to supplement all the power supply of photovoltaic power generation, and the energy consumption is equivalent to that of the conventional inverter heat pump.

Kolant solar direct drive Multifunctional heat pump

Kolant heat pump installation project reference

Solar PV direct driving heat pump Specification

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