Kolant EVI Inverter heat pump to replace boiler
Kolant History and heat pump technology background

Kolant EVI Inverter Heat Pump with A+++ Energy Class

Solution for Super Cold Area winter heating, summer cooling and domestic hot water.

to replace Traditional boiler ,oil burner and air conditioner for domestic/commercial usage

Strong Heating in Super Cold Air Temp.

Super cold ambient temp heating technology use the EVI compressor high efficent cooler and EEV to form high efficient jet system to increase compressor suction capacity at super low air temp and increase the whole system heating efficiency and performance. This technology make heat pump to keep normal heating without electric heater assistant.

A+++ Energy label

R32 refrigerant heat pump with A+++ energy class. Super high efficiency. Ecodesign work is the basis for the development of energy labelling and ecodesign requirements for a number of energy-using appliances, including heat pumps. Kolant split type R32 heat pump SCOP reach 4.47. Kolant use 2 electronic expansion valves. One special EEV is to control the EVI function. It increase the performance at super cold weather condition dramatically.

What is the benefits of Kolant EVl heating technology?

There is no doubt that air source heat pumps can make great economic and environmental benefts if they are properly used. However, as a matter of fact, most air source heat pumps work with very poor eficiency or even can not work when the environment temperature is lower than -10℃C. The EVl (enhanced vapor injection) heating technology is an innovation in the compressor and the refrigerant circulation. By this technology the permitted operating range of a heat pump is extended to a much lower air temperature region, and the heating performance under low environment temperature is greatly improved.

Split Design for more anitfreeze

The split heat pump is designed to outdoor unit and indoor hydraulic unit. The indoor installation space is more flexible. The water system is all at indoor unit to improve greatly for the antifreeze function. When indoor unit is installed at good insulated space(Always >0C), no need to use glycol.

Split heat pump water system is at indoor. The piping system will not be frozen in cold winter.

Monoblock heat pump partial water system is at outdoor. The piping system is easy to be frozen if without glycol.

Reliable running under environment temperature to -30C air temp Getting much higher water temperature during low environment temperature Heating capacity up to 40% higher than normal heat pumps COP 10%-20% higher during low environment temperature.

Smart WlFl control

By the innovative technologies,Kolant heat pump is able to use Wifi cloud control and enable authorized user to control KOLANT heat pumps anytime, anywhere just via a mobile phone. Just imagine that you turn on your heat pump on your way home, then you can enjoy the comfortable environment created by KOLANT heat pumps as soon as you arrive at home. The Wifi control will also send error code to provide much help on aftersales service.

Modbus Protocol available

In addition to wired controller, Wifi control function, KOLANT heat pumps are specially designed to provide modbus protocol inside,the modbus can control the whole heat pump function and check the parameters. This means your heat pumps can be controlled by your computer or any other automatic control system if it is necessary. This is specially useful for the central control or customized control system.

Reliable and durable

All the important components of KOLANT EVl heat pumps are from world-famous brands to make sure the high reliability and durability within its permitted operating range.

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