• Guangzhou Kolant Heat Technology Co. Ltd, Which was formed in 2006, Kolant is a pioneer in the industry, manufacturing heat pump. With over 20 years′ experience, Kolant provide complete innovative, high efficiency heating system solutions, supplying a wide range of energy saving heat pumps with extensive applications.

    Since ShanDong Kolant was established in 2020, we have developed three production bases with 45000 square meter in total, two in Guangdong for export market, and Shandong Kolant for domestic market, which can contribute total 200, 000 to 300, 000 sets of heat pump production capacity annually.

    We have a group of experienced heating engineers with a passion for renewable energy. Our company hold a range of different accreditation and certifications.
    Our residential and commercial heat pump products and solutions are cost effective, We can supply not only standard products, also supply some customerized products to meet some special requirements of our customers.
    Through cooperation with European technicians, Eco R&D department develop most advanced energy-saving heat pumps multifunctional and central heating cooling products on environmental friendly basis: Air to water Heat pump heater, heat recovery heat pump, Heating cooling with DHW air source heat pump, multifunctional water source heat pump heater, Swimming pool heat pump heater. With our long years experience in heat-pump technology, we makes full use of the energy from the recyclable resource like air, sunshine, water and so on. It brings a revolution to the energy-saving industry. It already won quite a few international authoritative patents and quality test certificates, including TUV EN14825, EN14511, EN813 certificates.  We obtain also SGS UL certificates and US government AHRI efficiency certificates for USA and Canadian market.

    Factory address:

    Area B,Leyi Industrial Park, Nancun Town, Panyu, Guangzhou, China 511442

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