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Warm you home with Palm heat pump during this cold winter!
Other low quality heat pumps!       Many super cold area such as North Europe Scandinavia countries may meet very embarrassing problem is that their heat pump may be frozen during winter lik this.  Even when the air temp is just  -5 degree.  In this condition, the heat pump cannot make any heat for their home in the cold winter. The frozen heat pump will cause home fronzen. So it is very important to choose a correct heat pump. On the contrary, Even -15 degree is a good condition for Palm air source heat pump. It can even make heating during  minus -20 degree, which is proved by Palm real customer feed back. Palm Inverter air source heat pump can make heating during -25 degree.  Recent Feedback by our customers in scandinavian countries told us that they have very cold climate this winter. Someone scream that new ice age is coming!  This is the coldest winter for 30 years.  Most place come to lowest -20°C, some place lower to -25°C.   Most heat pumps are frozen and stop working.   The electricity and gas bill increase too high in this winter. How to survive this winter with heat pumps? Very enoucrage news from many countries said that Palm heat pumps are still working very well and give warm to home. Palm heat pumps are equipped with most advanced defrost technology and antifreeze technology and already run in real field working for several winters. The practice approve Palm heat pump can work in scandinavian countries for whole cold winter. Some feedback from Customer […]