solar heat pump installation

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How to install the solar valve to our Triaqua heat pump in best way?
Recently, several customers asked about how to apply solar connection to palm heat pump according to our installation manual “solar application 1 ” to utilize solar in the best way.   Finally we help them to solve the problem. So we think maybe many our customers may have the same question. Triaqua heat pump adopt many very advanced technologies in the world. One of the most energy saving technology is to utilize the solar for both room heating and domestic hot water.  If the sunshine is excellent, the heat pump don’t need to consume any electricity, except the circulation water pump. In some degree, this function can also be used to cool down the solar system to prevent solar over heat. Our Triaqua heat pump has a solar valve port G2, when the solar water is 5 degree higher than heat pump return water,  the G2 will be powered on to switch the solar solenoid valve and let the room heating water to go through  solar water to be heated. To make the solar valve work well with Palm Triaqua heat pump, we need following procedure. > 1. The 3 way valve control wire need to be connected with G2 port. It is 220V. > 2. The 3 way valve need 3 wires, 2 wires are to connected to any 220V power supply.(Can be connected with our Triaqua indoor unit L/N power supply), 1 wire is to connected with the G2 control signal. > 3. The Triaqua solar sensor(Already in our indoor unit) need to be put into the solar tank. >>> The connection method […]