high temperature heat pump

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70 degree High temperature ground source Trinity Heat pump
 70? outlet water temp by only heat pump without any assistant heaters.    High temperature heat pump to replace boiler directly. Stable heating capacity, no capacity loss in any cold weather. High temperature Heating Cooling Ground source/ Water source HeatPump  single unit with slim size (2-30KW) Water source heat pump 5 Times Energy Saving as Normal Gas or Petrol Heater. Suitable for Frigid zone area.  No capacity loss in even -50C air temp. Quiet unit, free of neighbour complain. Main Characters: 1. High temperature 70 degree C outlet water. Can replace directly any exisiting boiler. Great product for house upgrade for cost saving. 2. Easy installation, easy maintenance, trouble free product. 3.   Extrimly energy saving. 4.   Can be connected with solar water heater system. 5.   All water access parts are stainless steel and copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution   Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost: Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world Heat exchanger: Stainless steel SU316 plate heat exchanger. The compressor: Daikin brand Scroll type Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand Water pump: Wilo brand from Germany (optional parts) Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products. Warer source heat pump (ground source heat pump) working theory diagram.   Flexible installation of typical water source heat pump application: For Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump, please check our special open loop water source heat pump models at /open-loop-water-source-heat-pump-water-to-water-heat-pump-7-60kw.html Geothermal Heat Pump for Lake, Pond and River Geothermal Heat Pump Horizontal Ground loop Geothermal heat […]