duct air conditioner

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Duct Type Air Conditioner5KW-17KW-product-151
The High and Mid-static pressure ducted split air conditioners are specially designed for European Family and office.   With our long experience in this field, we create exellent products with perfect performance, strong capacity.  The product range is from 9000BTU to 65000BTU  Our duct type air conditioner are the best design in the world with the following characters.  1.High efficiency with R410A refrigerant and optimized design.  2.Intelligent design for easy maintenance of whole unit and replacing filter.  3.Special design for cold winter and strong heating in super low temperature .  4.Smart design enable free electric box installation for both sides of the unit at the spot.  5.Two kinds of air pressure can be selected at the installation spot.  6.With advanced fresh air function keep our life more healthy.  7. Only 2/3 thickness of normal duct unit for easy installation and saving space.  8. Phone call remote control