Palm DC Inverter air to water heat pump Pro Series
R32 Gas Inverter Heat Pump Energy Class A+++

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water Heater

Detailed Product Description: Our swimming pool heat pump 3.8KW-14KW can be installed in many environments, including a constant temperature swimming pool, sauna constant hot water system, or to supply hot water at home.
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Striking characters distinguishing from other products.
1.Automatic operation mode,Auto-restart, Automatic defrost.
2.LCD Control panel with luxury outlook.
3.Cooling&heating function.
4.Wide ambient range : -10 centigrade to 43centigrade
Other main characters.
1) Long operating life: Using the advanced stainless steel/titanium metal water heat exchanger, which resists the erosion from chlorine in the water, creates a longer lifespan.
2) Economical and high-efficiency: Using heat pump technology, compared with other ordinary hot water equipment (for example, combustion oil boilers, combustion gas boilers, electronic boilers and so on), it reduces operating costs by 65-80%, In addition it creates very little pollution.
3) Bright design, easy installation and replacement: Unit design separately for main model and water unit model, with water unit inside, avoiding freezing in the winter. The unit is remarkably compact, with pump and flow switch inside.
4) Advanced controlling: It is extremely easy to control through the mini-computer intelligent controlling .
5) Safety: Water and electricity are well insulated, no risk of fiire and short circuit.
6) Quiet: Using the high-efficiency, low sound rotary or scroll Japanese brand compressor, low noise fan, high quality pump, creates an extremely quiet machine.
7) High technology heat exchangers: Due to Top quality Titanium heat exchanger, it runs more efficiently.
Swimming Pool Heat Pump 3.8KW, 5.3KW, 7.8KW, 9.5KW,12.5KW,14KW


Model RJ-53R RJ-78R RJ-95R RJ-125R RJ-140R
Power Supply 230V~50Hz
Water temp range 15℃~40℃
Ambient working temp -10℃~43℃
Condenser   Titanium in PVC
Controller   Single System Controller with LCD Monitor
Refrigerent Type   R410a
Heating Capacity W 5280 7810 9480 12400 14100
Heating Input Power W 1083 1625 1938 2550 2880
COP W/W 4.88 4.81 4.89 4.86 4.9
Heating Running Current A 4.96 7.44 8.87 11.7 13.3
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 230V/1Ph/50Hz
Quantity of Compressor   1
Compressor Type   Rotary Rotary Rotary Scroll Scroll
Noise dB(A) 52 53 53 54 54
Water Connection mm 50 50 50 50 50
Water Flow Volume m³/h 2-4 3-5 4-7 5-8 5-8
Water Pressure Drop kpa 12 12 15 15 15
Dimension L*W*H mm 750*264*493 935*282*545 1002*302*620 1025*360*711 1025*360*711
Packing Size L*W*H mm 875*370*560 1060*380*700 1135*395*760 1140*460*880 1140*460*880
Weight Net Weight kg 45 54 68 105 115
Gross Weight 50 64 78 120 130
Max Applicable swimming pool (With insulated cover) M3 15~25 25~40 40~55 55~80 80~90

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