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How to choose a proper heat pump water heater

The hotel can be a big user of hot water. Regarding how to choose the most energy-saving and most suitable hot water system, Kolant тепловой насос will give you an analysis here.

With the continuous development of the domestic economy, more and more hotels have begun to install integrated solar water heating systems. Facing the various needs of customers, hotels are constantly upgrading hot water equipment and systems to enhance user experience. From the perspective of the hotel management, in addition to the guest’s experience of using hot water equipment and one-time investment costs, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Energy selection options

We all know that solar and air source heat pumps are very energy efficient, but not all hotels can install solar or air source heat pumps. For coal-fired boilers, coal is very cheap, and equipment prices are also very cheap. However, coal-fired boilers are products that the country is currently phasing out. At present, in large, medium and small cities, it can be said that the most common heat sources may be electricity and gas.

  1. Operating costs

The shrewd Party A will account for the operating costs of the equipment. The so-called operating costs are mainly divided into two parts, one is the maintenance cost and the other is the usage cost.

If the equipment has a high failure rate, or because of problems such as scale or pipe blockage, it is necessary to regularly ask professionals for maintenance, then the maintenance cost of this system is undoubtedly high. For example, coal-fired boilers, in addition to regular maintenance, also require special personnel to look after them, which will definitely increase the overall operating cost of the equipment. This is only the explicit cost of maintenance, as well as the hidden cost. For example, the business loss caused by equipment shutdown is incalculable. Even if hotels generally do backup, the cost of backup equipment is not low.

  1. Installation

Some hotels are whole buildings, while some hotels only occupy one or several floors of the office building, some are low-rise villa-style hotels, and the equipment can be installed directly in the equipment room, while some hotels are located in the city center. For high-rise buildings in the business district, the roof may be the most suitable installation point. So if the system is bought back, where to install it, and how to install it, this must be considered.

Kolant DC inverter air to water heat pump can be a good solution for heating/cooling and DHW function in the hotel project usage.

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