Полный инверторный тепловой насос с высоким КПД и красочным сенсорным экраном
Тепловые насосы бассейна
Тепловой насос плавательного бассеина 3.8~14KW

Palm launched high COP DC inverter heat pump chiller with AHRI certificate.

Palm passed AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) capacity table testing which is consist about 70 conditions for different air temp and different outlet water temp.  It is a performance map and curve which is considered as the most difficulty for heat pump chiller.

Same as other DC Inverter air source Heat Pump, this model has also  Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water functions.
With most advance European technology to work well in Minus – 25ºC

It has higer efficiency than normal air source heat pump as it has below innovation.

  1. With 3 layers evaporators to get most from air.
  2. Use plate heat exchanger with heat distributors inside to get highest efficiency.
  3. Use Panasonic EC inverter fan motor to get higher efficiency than normal fan motor.

  1. Weather Compensation Auto Heating Curve function to save the cost mostly.
    5. Mitsubishi Dual inverter compressorhigh technology with high efficiency.
  2. Use Danfos EEV(electronic expansion valve) to get 20% higher than normal expansion valve at any air temp condition.

главные герои:

  1. Undergoing long time extreme condition testing  to get the most reliable quality.
  2.  Can work in very low ambient temp to ensure your warm home with our heat pump.
  3. Can be connected with solar water heater system, when solar temp is high enough, the heat pump will stop to save the most.

  1. With Luxury Touch Screen Controller to show all parts working status with Advanced Tech.
  2. Качество для надежности и экономии затрат на техническое обслуживание:

Our parts are always choosen with the top brand in the world

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