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Palm company view
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China Palm A/C & Equipment Co.,Ltd Home Factory address: 2# Chuangye Road,SongXia Industrial Area,SongGang Town, Nanhai area, Foshan city, GuangDong,China Post […]
Palm WIFI control heat pumps through mobile APP
Introduction Palm factory already designed a WIFI module to connect Palm heat pumps directly. Then the customer can control their […]
DC inverter heat pump with EN14825 certificate-A++ energy class
  Introduction: [separator type=’normal’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’15’ down=’5′] COP 5.97 for 9KW DC Inverter air source Heat Pump with Heating and […]
DC inverter Solar-air double source Trinity heat pump with COP 6+
Based on our split type inverter solar-air double source Trinity heat pump, we develop this easier installation solar-air double source […]
3 phase DC inverter heat pump-23KW-HOT!
Enjoy big capacity heat pump with lower working current 15 Amp China Palm expand more on DC inverter heat pump […]