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green the worlds buildings save bills for living-news-328
BOSTON–The cutting edge of building science these days seems to be more about expanding foam than solar power research. Last […]
Turns air into water-news-326
Combination dehumidifier and water-purifier WaterMill creates up to 13 quarts of water a day. (Credit:WaterMill) Summer has officially come to […]
Machine claims to get water out of thin air-news-327
air source heat pump With all due respector to inventor extraordinaire Dean Kamen, the notion of his “Slingshot” distillation system–which […]
Excellent homes sealing cut energy bills-news-325
Last month, I joined about 40 other volunteers, armed to the teeth with materials to weatherize a two-family home. Despite […]
Wireless Internet affect small wind-news-324
If you ask Andy Kruse, the CEO of wind turbine maker Southwest Windpower, about technology, he’s more likely to talk […]
Blow to urban with microwind turbines-news-318
Small wind turbines attached to individual homes work fine unless you have lousy wind. That’s the upshot of a multi-site […]