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Energy authority urges consumers to switch over hot water systems
Energy Australia says it is making it easier for customers to switch their hot water systems from electric to gas […]
Government cuts to green programs for heat pump
Green Car Innovation Fund (axed): Fund provides assistance to companies to enhance the research and development of technology to reduce […]
Scottsdale braces for sawmill job cuts
A north-east Tasmania council wants talks with timber company Gunns this week on the future of a local sawmill. There […]
Rural plumbers get training online for solar and heat pumps
The Master Plumbers Association of Queensland (MPAQ) says it will launch a training course online so that members in rural […]
Over-tightened bolts caused flight diversion
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found over-tightened bolts may have caused a fuel leak in a jet over central […]
Kunming solar water heat system is boomming with heat pump
Kunming, Xinhua learned today from the Construction Bureau of Kunming City, from 2010, Kunming, all new residential solar water heating […]