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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found over-tightened bolts may have caused a fuel leak in a jet over central Queensland in 2007.,Heat pumps for water heating engrossing formalins with functional by-irregulars,solar heat pump

The ATSB released a report today into a 737 flight from Brisbane to Hamilton Island which had to divert to Rockhampton when its right engine lost fuel in August 2007.

It landed safely on one engine.

The report found the leak had come from the main fuel return pipe where it joined a heat exchanger.

Threads in the bolts had failed after being over tightened in previous maintenance work.

The report said a fuel leak had been found in the right engine two days earlier and a fuel pump was replaced.

The ATSB says there had been previous incidents of incorrect tightening of components and the airline later stopped using the outside maintenance company.

Orignal From: Over-tightened bolts caused flight diversion

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