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Comparison of product disassembly

Before dismantling the machine, first compare the appearance and structure of the Corant brand, F brand and Y brand, and introduce it from three aspects: installation convenience, safety and reliability, and heat dissipation capacity.

Installation Convenience - junction box

Comparison result: During installation, Kolant heat pump is more convenient to install the main cable, and at the same time prevent the installer from unnecessary contact with the inside of the equipment.

installation convenience - pressure gauge

Comparison description: The system pressure gauge can observe the operating status of the product more intuitively, and the operating data of the equipment and whether there is refrigerant leakage can be known through the value indicated by the pointer.

Safety and reliability - heat exchanger inlet and outlet pipes

Comparison Notes: All-copper material can better prevent scale from corroding the heat exchanger and is not easy to rust. Iron parts are prone to rust when exposed to water, produce dross, and easily block the heat exchanger.

Safety and reliability - pressure sensor

Comparison description: High and low pressure sensors can detect system pressure values more accurately and improve operating efficiency. It can also support remote control system to realize remote handling of system failures.

Safety and reliability - pipeline insulation

Comparison Notes: Pipeline insulation can effectively prevent the influence of external ambient temperature on the system, improve operating efficiency, and reduce the generation of condensed water in pipelines, which will cause corrosion to copper pipes and baseplate.

Heat exchange efficiency and capacity - fins

Comparison description: The embossed sheet evaporator can effectively increase the heat dissipation area of the evaporator and improve the operating efficiency of the system The Kolant heat pump pitted sheet design makes it easier to clean the dust attached to the evaporator.

Kolant heat pump comparation summary

Kolant is superior in product refinement, design and manufacturing, and reliability

In terms of refinement: Kolant is better than F brand, F brand is better than Y brand, and the workmanship of the other two brands is relatively rough ;
In terms of cost: F has the lowest procurement cost, and components such as sheet metal parts use lower-priced brands; Y brand is superior to F brand
In terms of reliability:
①Quality brand of Kolant compressor, frequency converter and control system, with higher product stability;
②The Kolant water side heat exchanger adopts 10mmPE insulation material + heating belt, which has better antifreeze protection in winter;
③The air-cooled heat dissipation module is designed with pockmarks to increase heat dissipation and improve operating efficiency. The design of the protective net has higher reliability.

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