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How to choose a proper heat pump

Each user must select the heat pump water heater that suits them according to their needs. Determine the type to choose the type of heat pump water heater according to the consumer's domestic water consumption habits, home installation conditions, etc. If the bathroom is small and there is no platform on the outer wall of the bathroom for the external unit, and the water tank is placed, consider buying an integral wall-mounted heat pump water heater; if the external wall of the bathroom has an air-conditioning unit or an external unit installation position, consumers' demand for hot water is also When it is larger, consider buying a split heat pump water heater. In addition, the local temperature environment must also be considered. In cold areas, in order to ensure water use in winter, heat pump water heaters with auxiliary electric heating should be purchased.


1.Determine the brand: Compared with other water heater products, heat pump water heaters are a new type of product. In addition, the quality of heat pump water heaters can be summarized as "30% by production, 70% by service". Therefore, how to ensure product quality is very important. Consumers should choose a brand manufacturer that specializes in the production of water heaters, even if the price is a bit more expensive. For a formal professional manufacturer, whether it is internal configuration, component selection, production process, welding process, insulation technology, installation skills, after-sales capabilities, there will be detailed standards and executable specifications, so the quality will naturally be guaranteed .
Palm inverter-warmtepomp gain many European heat pump standard certificates including EN14825 and EN14511 certificates and UL certificates also satisfyr Canada and USA quality requirement.

Consumers can choose from the following aspects:
1. Look at the manufacturer's qualifications (such as the time and strength of the water heater manufacturing industry, which national certification certificates are available, etc.).
2. Look at the local sales of the product or related products of the manufacturer, the user population, and the maximum number of years of use of the product in the local area, etc.
3. Look at the technical characteristics of the product: (1) the independent research and development capabilities of the enterprise and the technology patents that have been applied for; (2) the power of the main engine and the COP value (thermal efficiency). These parameters should be subject to the certification of the national quality inspection department. 2.Determine the volume:
(1) The nominal volume of the water tank, which is the nominal liters of the water tank.
(2) According to national standards, the actual volume of the water tank should be greater than 92% of the nominal volume.
According to consumers' water consumption habits, a 100L water tank is generally used for a family of 2 people, a 150L water tank is used for a family of 3, and a 200*300L water tank is used for a family of 4. If the number of people exceeds 5, it is recommended to choose a large-volume water tank. Heat pump water heater installation common sense first choose the water heater and then the decoration is the same as other water heaters, you should also buy the water heater first and then carry out the decoration. Some water heater manufacturers provide professionals for free door-to-door design, including pipeline direction, pipeline embedding, wall modification (for integral wall-mounted heat pump water heaters) or installation location selection, etc., which is for future installation Convenient conditions are created. If the pipelines are not properly positioned during the decoration, the installation location of the water heater will be limited, and products suitable for your needs will not be installed; or the inlet and outlet pipes are too long, which will seriously affect the beauty of the bathroom.
Secondly, if consumers buy an integrated wall-mounted heat pump water heater, there will be a safety hazard if the reserved position is not on the load-bearing wall, and if the user chooses the water heater first, the installation position can be reserved according to the size of the water heater and the location of the inlet and outlet pipes. , So that after installation, it is not only reliable and beautiful, but also saves pipes.
3.Requirements for the installation environment: The installation requirements for air source heat pump water heaters are relatively high. It is best to ask professionals to install them after purchase. The following points must be considered during installation.
(1) Since the air source heat pump needs to absorb heat from the air, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation during installation. If it is installed against a wall, the air inlet side is more than 20*30cm away from the wall.
(2) Since the water tank of the air source heat pump water heater is relatively large, attention should be paid to the fixing and load-bearing of the water tank.
(3) Sufficient maintenance space should be reserved for the installation of the machine.
The installation of the heat pump water heater is completed for the first time, and the power is turned on after the inspection is correct. When setting the water temperature for correct daily use, start from a lower temperature. If the water supply is not enough, adjust the water temperature to a higher temperature, which can save electricity. The heating efficiency of the heat pump water heater increases with the increase of the ambient temperature. It is recommended that the user turn on the heat pump water heater when the temperature is highest during the day, so that it can operate more economically. Precautions Take care not to block the air inlet and outlet of the heat pump unit, otherwise it may cause the performance of the heat pump unit to decrease or the automatic protection device to start and fail to operate normally. Since the Palm DC inverter air source heat pump water heater is a storage heating device, the user can choose to operate in room space heating, room cooling, DHW, or room heating+DHW, room cooling+DHW mode.

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