R32 Gas Inverter-Warmtepomp Energie Klasse A+++
R32 inverter-warmtepomp met EN14825 certificaat-A+++ energie klasse
DC Inverter geothermal heat pump with high COP.
Automatically adjust the output capacity according to heating requirement.
Lowest heating power input is 400w/hour.  Always trying to keep the lowest frequency working mode to get the highest COP to save energy the most.
Many new DC inverter technologies are adopted.
Can be work perfectly with solar heating system to get the most saving.
Best energy saving products for your home heating and hot water usage.
Conform to all newest European government refund standard.
Multifunction with Heating, cooling and domestic hot water function.
Geothermal Ground source/ Water source heat pump   single unit with slim size (7-60KW)
6 Times Energy Saving as Normal Gas or Petrol Heater.
Suitable for Frigid zone area.  No capacity loss in even -30C air temp.
Quite unit, free of neighbour complain.

Main Characters:

1.   Extrimly energy saving, super cost saving with best COP with R32 refrigerant.

2.   Installation is easy and flexible.

3   Can be connected with solar water heater system.

4.   All water access parts are stainless steel and copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution


Kwaliteit voor betrouwbaarheid en bespaart kosten voor het onderhoud van:

Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world

Heat exchanger: Stainless steel SU316 plate heat exchanger.

The compressor: Daikin brand Scroll type

Warmte expansie ventiel: Emerson merk

Water pump: Wilo brand from Germany (optional parts)

Vier weg klep: Saginomiya merk van Japan

De bovengenoemde onderdelen maken het mogelijk onze warmtepomp worden de problemen gratis producten.

Warer source heat pump (ground source heat pump) working theory diagram.

Geothermal Heatpumps diagram

Flexible installation of typical water source heat pump application:

For Open Loop Water Source Heat Pump, please check our special open loop water source heat pump models at /open-loop-water-source-heat-pump-water-to-water-heat-pump-7-60kw.html

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