Kunming solar water heat system is boomming with heat pump

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Kunming, Xinhua learned today from the Construction Bureau of Kunming City, from 2010, Kunming, all new residential solar water heating system must be unified to further enhance energy conservation efforts, so clean energy for the economic and social development in Kunming add power.

It is understood that on the 16th, the Bureau of Kunming, the new formulation of the as well as government agencies and financial investment in construction, where a hot water needs, and should be uniform application of design and installation of solar water heating systems, and synchronized with the main building design, simultaneous construction and simultaneous acceptance, use and maintenance.

addition, the projects do not meet the new regulations will be fined up to five hundred thousand yuan in fines.

It is reported that after hearing all the relevant experts will draw on the views of the

solar energy is a renewable, clean energy, Kunming is extremely rich solar energy resources in the area, the annual average sunshine time of two thousand four hundred eighty-one hours of sunshine rate of fifty percent VII. At present, solar water heater in Kunming is close to thirty percent penetration, energy savings for the state each year about eight million tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions eleven thousand one hundred tons and sulfur dioxide emissions from four hundred forty-five tons.

experts said, solar energy, with its pollution, depletion of the advantage of not heating energy will gradually become one of the main, with the popularity of solar water heating systems,heat pump, coal, electricity and heating history will be changed for optimizing the energy structure and energy savings is significant.

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