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a win win Greens with heat pump

The ACT Greens have urged the major parties to support a bill to make it mandatory for new houses to have energy efficient hot water systems.

The Greens bill is expected to come up for debate in the Legislative Assembly in the next fortnight.

Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur says other jurisdictions already have similar legislation.

“The need to save money on energy for people is getting more and more,” she said.

“The Greens see this bill as being a cost effective way that we can actually do something about climate change.”

Ms Le Couteur says the bill also includes a provision for energy-efficient systems to be installed in existing homes where possible.

“The reason we want to do it is two-fold,solar heat pump, it will save people money in the long run in terms of operating their house and it will save the environment – there’ll be less greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.

“It’s a win win.”

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