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Heating Cooling &DHW Ground source/ Water source HeatPump-23KW

Smart Combination of
*Air conditioning heating
*Air conditioning cooling
*And Clean Sanitary Water Heat Pump Heater.
Two Water Tanks Built Inside. Seperate Water Cycle For Air Conditioning and Domestic Water.
5 Times Energy Saving as Normal Gas or Petrol Heater.
1/4 OF Normal electricicty power Bill Help You to Win the Whole Unit Free In One Year.

Main Characters:

1.   Challenge Daikin similar “Altherma” heat pump with improved function and with Daikin compressor.
2.   Air conditioning cooling, heating and sanitary hot water function in one unit.
3.   Multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit.
4.   Perfectly suitable for floor radiation heating system.
5.   Extrimly energy saving, super cost saving.
6.   Installation is easy and flexible, super compact size.
7.   Super low temperature heating start.
8.   Can be connected with solar water heater system.
9.   All water access parts are stainless steel to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution
10.  Fault self diagnosis and warning function.

Quality for reliability and save maintenance cost:
  Our parts are always choosend with the top brand in the world 

  Heat exchanger: SWEP brand plate heat exchanger from Sweden.
  The compressor: Daikin brand Scroll type 
  Check valves:   Danfoss brand from Denmark and Castel brand italy.
  Heat expansion valve: Emerson brand
  Water pump: Wilo brand from Germany or Grundfos brand from Denmark
   Four way valve: Saginomiya brand of Japan
The above parts enable our heat pump to be trouble free products.

Typical Installation:

Geothermal Heat Pump for Lake, Pond and River

Geothermal Heat Pump Horizontal Ground loop

Geothermal heat pump vertical ground loop

Geothermal heat pump open loop well system

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