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   After 20 years of development, water heaters have become household necessities. As of the end of 2006, China’s total market size water heater has reached 23 billion yuan, including electric water heaters (including speed thermal water heaters, heat pump-type water heaters) are 10 billion yuan, gas water heaters, about 40 million solar water heaters larger domestic market, about 90 billion ( no major projects models).
     Current storage-type water heaters accounted for a market share is still relatively large, but the recent hot-water heater speed has been more consumers of all ages.
     Heat-speed compact-type water heaters, or about storage-type electric water heaters 1 / 20, significant savings bathroom space; That opening is used without preheating, suitable for the modern pace of life; Without insulation, energy saving water; Installation is simple and convenient. Heat pump water heater market grew 25% in the next three years is expected to create annual 50 billion yuan in the market, it is estimated that the growth momentum will continue for five years.
     Water heaters, a huge potential market
     The National Bureau of Statistics data show that at 0:00 a.m. on November 1, 2005 China’s urban households have 180 million, according to 50% of the purchase rate for water heaters up on the actual demand of 90 million units, the lowest annual average demand remained at about 18 million units, non-market space often large. Data show that only employees in the annual sales of up to 11 million Taiwan, in recent years China’s water heater sales to 25% annual rate of increase in the development of water heater was a trend of rapid growth, the future market capacity will reach 80 billion yuan.
     Water heaters rapid market growth is mainly owned and the reasons for the replacement. The State Council Development Research Center, China’s household appliance market research Joint Task Force of the survey shows that China’s current urban water heater family owns 72.5%, has not yet reached saturation point. 48% of urban households next five years to buy a water heater’s wishes.
     And in recent years the real estate industry continues to heat up, the new home is more decoration to the water heater market in a huge room for growth. The next five years include the water heater industry kitchen equipment market capacity of at least 350 billion yuan.
     A storage-type electric water heater has entered the peak
     A storage-type electric water heaters, water heaters, it is still the mainstream market. A storage-type electric water heaters benefit from the rapid growth of Haier, Revelation, Hau Smith, Siemens and other major brand and the vigorous development of competition, these big brands mature market model and stable product quality to win a good market reputation.
     Building of Yikang from the latest data, in January 2007 storage-type water heaters, a drop of 2.32% there is a declining trend. The experts noted that since the consumer groups of different sectors, consumer attitudes have changed. Before bathing water heaters to meet the main function, and they can now house decoration was considering the installation of water heaters not occupy much space, can damage the aesthetic decoration.
     Industry expert analysis, a storage-type electric water heater has a simple price war, security, energy, intelligence and digital technology into that war, and integrated technology, brands and services as the diversification of competition, consumer concerns have been gradually transferred to the product itself on the question of the applicability of . In these circumstances, a storage-type electric water heaters on some of the weaknesses is a very prominent, such as larger, more occupied space. Pipeline installation aesthetic impact, water heaters less supply and can not meet the needs of bathtubs need preheating and heating slow.
     Speed heat, heat pump-type water heaters will become mainstream
     Heat-speed electric water heaters have not been in the Chinese market soon popularity is due to China’s electricity, the poor, do not meet the requirements circuit, the installation can. Grounding unreliable, prone earth Charged trigger safety incidents.
     In 1999 the Ministry of Construction issued new standards for residential distribution, meter and wiring already installed to meet the rapid heat-type water heaters. "Speed — Hot-wall" technology invention also solves the problem of leakage of earth, water heaters, heat-speed market is growing rapidly.

     The current speed thermoelectric domestic water heaters in annual sales 800,000 -90 million the next five years, demand for water heaters and water heaters thermoelectric current speed of growth trends, speed thermoelectric water heater market will usher in opportunity.
     Heat pump water heater a few years ago into our country and the rapid development. Known as the "fifth generation water heaters," is the use of heat pump principle, learned from the external environment pressurized thermal heat to form a hot water system of hot water equipment. Especially in the hotel Hotels, hospitals, schools, halls, beauty salons, swimming pools thermostats, and other recreational bathing commercial utility of large-scale application. Home heat pump water heaters are also widely used in some cities in the new properties matching projects.
     Statistics show : a total household energy consumption is 15% comes from water heaters, and may therefore be said heat pump water heater market has good prospects for development. According to the State Council Development of Market Economy Research Center of the "2006 Chinese cities water heater market report" shows : heat pump water heater market grew 25% in the next three years is expected to create annual 50 billion yuan in the market, it is estimated that the growth momentum will continue for five years.

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