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Users who have used air energy heat pumps will find that the air to water heat pump manual has introduced that the maximum outlet temperature is 60°C. Why can the maximum temperature on the control panel only be set to 55°C? Kolant heating,cooling heat pumps technicans tells you that this is not a unit failure. The following article will tell you why.

The air to water heat pump target temp is set the heat pump inlet water temp. If the water flow make the water temp increase 5C, when set target temp 55C, the max outlet water temp will be 60C. But actually our engineer suggest you to set even the target temp to 50C, This is because:

  1. When sufficient, the higher the water temperature of heat pump, the heavier the compressor work load.

From the perspective of the compressor and piping, the higher the water temperature, the heavier the compressor’s work load, the higher the exhaust temperature, and the higher the pressure it bears. If the pressure resistance of the compressor and piping is insufficient, it will Easy to burst. Therefore, almost all manufacturers will set the upper limit of the outlet water temperature of ordinary air energy heat pumps at 60°C to ensure the normal operation of the unit, and set the upper limit of the exhaust temperature at 110°C. If it exceeds, it will automatically shut down.

  1. Prevent the system from generating scale

Under normal conditions, non-softened water is more likely to scale when the temperature is above 60℃. Once the scale is generated, it will affect the heating efficiency of the unit, that is to say, the heat production will be slower and the energy consumption will be higher, so the ordinary type It is reasonable that the heat generation temperature of the air energy heat pump is below 60°C.

In winter, the heating water temperature is 40℃-55℃, and the domestic hot water is enough at 45℃. Therefore, the general manufacturers will not adjust the maximum outlet temperature of ordinary air energy heat pumps to 60℃. The air energy heat pump does not mean that the higher the water temperature, the better, the higher the water temperature means that the power will increase and the power consumption will also increase. Therefore, in meeting the daily water temperature needs, setting the water temperature lower will also save energy.

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